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Debut at SNAXPO: Filsorb XP20 oil purifying product
Filsorb XP20, a new oil-purifying additive reduces operating costs and is now available to the North American snack food market.

The patent-pending formula developed by Crystal Filtration has been proven to clean cooking oil and lower free fatty acids (FFAs) in laboratory tests and industry trials.

Filsorb XP20, an innovative new product that has been proven to extend the life of cooking oil, will debut at SNAXPO 2012, March 16-19.

Snaxpo 2012

The new oil-purifying reagent will be demonstrated at Booth 929 at the annual trade show of the Snack Food Association (SFA) in Phoenix, AZ.

"We're excited to bring Filsorb to market,"said National Sales Manager, Kevin Hunter. "We have been perfecting the formula in the lab for two years, and it will bring significant cost savings to the industry."

Developed by Crystal Filtration, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Filsorb XP20 helps frying oil stay cleaner longer while lowering free fatty acids (FFAs) up to 70 percent.

Filsorb XP20 generates up to 50 percent less soap, resulting in much less foam. The formula is ideal for continuous treatment systems and batch treatments, especially at higher temperatures. After successfully completing industry trials, Filsorb XP20 is now in production in the United States and available to snack food manufacturers throughout North America.

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