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Potato Expo 2012: Potato industry looks to future

January 5, 2012
In the same way that microbreweries surfaced to challenge the giants of the beer industry, Joe Guenthner won't rule out the rise of small potato chip makers. Guenthner will offer his predictions on trends in the chip industry as a speaker during Potato Expo 2012, scheduled for Jan. 4-6 at Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Fla.
Garn Theobald, chairman of the board of R&G, represents a dozen growers with 4,900 combined spud acres. Theobald said R&G once delivered to 13 chip companies. They now deliver to just two companies. "But our volume has increased,"Theobald said.
Idaho's other scheduled speaker at the expo, U of I agricultural economics professor Chris McIntosh, will discuss research on Potato virus Y.
Expo organizers expect a record crowd of about 1,600 people, as well as a record number of vendor booths.
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The mission of University of Idaho Extension is to improve the lives of Idahoans by providing research-based education and information that help our citizens solve problems. The University of Idaho Extension is involved in a range of activities related to the potato crop.
Frito-Lay North America (FLNA) includes Pepsico's snack operations in the United States and Canada where the company dominates the market with a range of savory snacks brands including Lay's, Ruffles, Doritos, Tostitos, Fritos, Cheetos and Sunchips
The National Potato Council is looking after the interest of the potato growers in the United States. The NPC website provides information on potato history, potato cultivation, potato statistics and US state potato organisations
Potatoes USA - until recently named the United States Potato Board (USPB) - is the nation’s potato marketing organization. Potatoes USA is the central organizing force in implementing programs that will increase demand for potatoes.