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Seed certification database to be showcased at World Potato Congress

 World Potato Congress 2012
February 1, 2012
Scottish seed producers will soon be able to view seed certification data in real time from 2012, thanks to the latest online roll out of Scotland’s certification scheme.

At the event, Dr John Kerr of Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) will be examining the role of seed certification to produce healthy profitable crops and the development of a global certification standard to help free-up movement of seed.

‘MySpuds’ is an on-line database which will help seed suppliers improve quality in the supply chain and allow them to meet individual customer requirements better, says Dr Kerr.

“Applicants will have instant access to certification data on all their crops as soon as it is filed by the inspector. This will give them much better control over their crops.”

A complete record of that data will be compiled and stored in one place, including virus, blackleg and off-type levels in the growing crop and the presence of rot, skin-finish diseases, damage and misshapen tubers.

Individual growers producing seed for applicants will also be able to access their own field data, he adds. Suppliers too will be able to provide findings to customers, allowing them to check seed quality really is as described. “This sort of information is not currently available and this database will add impetus to Scotland’s export drive, which is set to reach new heights in 2012 from existing and new markets,” he adds.

For the second year in a row exports to Egypt set a record, topping 40,000t in 2011. “There will also be more emerging markets, like Vietnam, Iraq and possibly Libya and Pakistan, making use of high quality early generation seed which can be grown for two generations and help reduce reliance on poor farm-saved seed. This could provide good opportunities for Scottish businesses prepared to tap into these markets.”

World Potato Congress is a world-class event, taking place every three years, and the 2012 Edinburgh event on 27-30 May will attract speakers from the USA, Scotland, England, The Netherlands, China, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Canada. It will provide a unique opportunity for growers and the whole industry to share information and uncover vital new knowledge.
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AHDB Potatoes (formerly known as Potato Council) is a public body working on behalf of potato growers and purchasers to promote British potatoes.
World Potato Congress Inc is organizer of the World Potato Congress, held every three year and covering all aspects of the potato chain.