Hayashi Seimen
    Hayashi Seimen, a Nagoya noodle manufacturer, recently launched a noodle made with 5% dehydrated potato. In 2011, this company contacted the United States Potato Board Japan representative office after reading articles describing the benefits of utilizing US dehydrated potatoes (dehy) in noodle production.

    The United States Potato Board (USPB) provided samples through the USDA quality samples program (QSP) which helped them narrow down the type of US dehydrated potato they wanted. They previously utilized a starch to make noodles with a “sticky” texture, but liked the US dehy better because it provided this “sticky” texture, as well as potato flavor.

    This launch was made possible through USPB trade education and sampling activities, key components to the USPB International Dehydrated Potato Program.

    Source: United States Potato Boar