Green McDonald's logo in France
    Fast Food chain McDonald's France has promised to serve "100% French"French Fries before the end of the year in all its 1260 restaurants.

    In order to deliver these fries from french potatoes only, McDonald's France has called upon its supplier McCain France.

    Earlier this week, at the agricultaral trade show in Paris "Salon de l'Agriculture", CEO of McDonald's France Jean-Pierre Petit and Anne-Sophie Fontaine, CEO of McCain France signed an agreement to confirm this partnership.

    McDonald's France served 60.000 tonnes of french fries in 2012, requiring about 200.000 tonnes of potatoes. However, only 70% of these potatoes were from French origin, the remainder mainly from Belgium.

    In order to be able to supply the full quantity of "French"fries, McCain France needs to reorganize its potato supply chain and will contract an additional 100 potato farmers in the North of France, bringing the total number of potato farmers to 350, with an acreage of 4000 ha.