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Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese the best tasting chip of the 2014 Lays Canada Do Us a Flavour contest

Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese the best tasting chip of the 2014 Lays Canada Do Us a Flavour contest
October 21, 2014
Potato chip lovers across Canada have something to be excited about today as the winner of the Lay's Canada 2014 Do Us a Flavour contest is revealed. Canadians bought, tried and voted for what they thought would be yummy as a chip and have chosen Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese on Lay's Wavy as the next great Lay's potato chip flavour.

Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese

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- on Lay's Wavy -

At summer barbeques, everything ends up on one plate and this is what inspired Calgary, Alberta's Randall Litman to create Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese.

His favourite combination is when Lay's Potato Chips end up next to macaroni salad - adding some jalapeño gives it a nice kick!

The winning flavour will be re-released across Canada in late November. In addition to chip aisle fame, Randall will receive $50,000 plus one per cent of his flavour's future sales.

"It's surreal being crowned this year's winner by Canadians. A big thank you to everyone who voted for Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese," says Randall. "It's incredible to think that my submission, which started from a conversation I had with my wife at a barbeque, will now join the Lay's flavour lineup."

Earlier this year, the Lay's Do Us a Flavour contest challenged Canadians to submit their ideas for the next great potato chip flavour. In less than two months, the contest received over a million submissions from fans across the country. In August, the Lay's brand revealed the four finalist flavours and Canadians were invited to decide the winning flavour by trying all four and voting for the yummiest from August 12 to October 15.

Potato chip aficionados coast to coast rallied behind their favourite flavours conducting Do Us a Flavour reviews on blogs and Facebook while voting on Twitter, Instagram, via text and on the Lays.ca/Flavour website. Canadians certainly showed their passion for the Lay's brand and flavour innovation.

"We were overwhelmed by the level of passion that Canadians have demonstrated for the Lay's Do Us a Flavour contest. Watching fans across the country participate in the flavour debate has been incredible," says Susan Irving, Director of Marketing at PepsiCo Foods Canada. "Randall, congratulations on being named our 2014 winner with your yummy Lay's Jalapeño Mac N' Cheese flavour."

The other finalists in the 2014 Lay's Do-Us-a-Flavour contest

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Bacon Poutine

- on Lay's Original -

Guillaume Lorrain from Trois-Rivières, Quebec created this Lay's flavour as an ode to his youth.

When he was young, every once in awhile when his mom wasn't home to cook dinner, as a treat, his dad would take him out for a Bacon Poutine dinner.

Cinnamon Bun

(Click to enlarge)
- on Lay's Original -

Remember when you went to Grandma's house and it smelled so good?

Straight from Grammas' kitchen, London, Ontario's Gloria Melanson's flavour inspiration is the waft of warm gooey cinnamon buns made with cinnamon and brown sugar baking away in the oven.


(Click to enlarge)
- on Lay's Kettle Cooked -

Denise Vella from Cambridge, Ontario fell in love with Greek food twice, which inspired her Tzatziki flavour.

The first time was while backpacking through Europe after University and she fell for Greek food again when she lived on the Danforth in Toronto.

The flavours in Tzatziki take her back 20 years... Yummy!
When asked what he plans on doing with his winnings, Randall replied, "I'm lucky enough to have married my best friend – her love and support already make my life rich. Winning $50,000 will allow us to bridge our dreams of a home and family with reality, it's unbelievable!"

The Lay's Do Us a Flavour contest has been held in numerous countries around the world and has generated an incredible response with millions of flavour submissions. From the UK to India, Australia to South Africa and the US, the Do Us a Flavour campaign has resulted in a wide spectrum of chip flavour ideas created by consumers including Ceasar Salad (Australia), Chili & Chocolate (UK), Mastana Mango (India), Walkie Talkie Chicken (South Africa) and Cheesy Garlic Bread (US).
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