TOMRA launches new Eco Steam Peeler at the NW Food Processors Expo in Portland Oregon

    The latest development in steam peeling from TOMRA Sorting is the ODENBERG Eco Steam Peeler.

    The Eco steam peeler is designed to provide further reductions in steam usage and improvements in peeling efficiency. The new Eco Steam Peeler will be launched this weekend from the 12th-15th January at the NW Food Processors Expo in Portland Oregon.

    With over 35 years of experience TOMRA Sorting, ODENBERG has focused on continuously improving the efficiency, yield and quality of the steam peeling process through the development of steam peelers and peel separation solutions for root vegetables and potatoes. TOMRA Sorting has more than 500 steam peelers installed worldwide.

    Our investment in R&D has achieved proven results and today there are already Eco steam peelers operating in major processing plants in the USA and Europe. “Due to intensive testing in industry leading processing environments, we have proven performance of the new technology. It has confirmed the “ECO” label and demonstrated major reductions in steam usage, while achieving a further reduction in peel loss.” Explains Eamonn Cullen, Market Unit Manager Peeling, TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

    The new Eco technology changes the nature of the steam peeling process from fixed steam supply to a new controlled steam management system, using new vessel design, new advanced pressure transmitter arrangement and new process automation. The result is a substantial improvement in processing efficiency and major savings in steam.

    The new Eco steam peeler also includes a new steam peeling vessel design with the ODENBERG patented design features. The new high pressure vessel includes an innovative product mixing design that enables rapid heat transfer from the steam to the surface of the potatoes. The vessel is also equipped with a new unique parallel motion vessel door. These new design features allow for even better process control and shorter steam peeling times.

    The addition of a completely new process sequence and a new automatic batch control program, enables the steam peeler to peel batches faster than before. The Eco steam peeler will be the new standard for steam peeling products for the future.

    Steam valve technology is another crucial part of the process. The ODENBERG XPT valve that was launched in 2012, has demonstrated real savings in this area and continues to outperform other valves on the market. The XPT valve is a “T” valve that uses a unique design of spindle and seat to achieve long lifetime of internal parts and lower customer’s maintenance costs. The XPT valve is available for both the Eco and the Orbit steam peelers.

    The new Eco Steam Peeler has a major focus on processors who process 15,000 kg/hr and above.

    TOMRA, through the acquisition of ODENBERG, has always been a leader in the peeling industry. Last year more than 30 new steam peelers have been sold to customers worldwide. TOMRA is proud to say that is has the lowest loss and highest yield in the industry. We are constantly investing in technology to remain the innovator and have the best technological solutions available for our customers.

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