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Armenia ready to export 10,000 tons of seed potato to Russia

Armenia ready to export 10,000 tons of seed potato to Russia - See more at: http://arka.am/en/news/business/armenia_ready_to_export_10_000_tons_of_seed_potato_to_russiavvv/#sthash.BSPqYhon.dpuf

Sprouting seed potatoes.

September 10, 2015
Armenian potato growers are able to export up to 10 thousand metric tons of seed potatoes to Russia, Hrachya Berberyan, head of the Agrarian and Peasant Union said recently.

According to him, Armenian potato producers will be ready to ship the first batch of the product to Russia in November and increase the exports to 10 thousand metric tons in early 2016.

Speaking at a news conference he said the quality of Armenian-produced potato is not different from the European potato, but the price is twice cheaper - about 500 euros per ton. He said also Russia is now buying potato from the Netherlands at EUR 900-1000 per ton.

As for the quality of seed potatoes, which can be shipped to Russia, they have been grown at a height of more than 2 thousand meters above sea level, which eliminates the risk of possible contamination by various parasites and significantly reduces the amount of used chemicals and pesticides, he said.

He said the Agrarian and Peasant Union had asked the government to consider the possibility of providing potato growers with interest-free loans.

"Given the relatively low cost of production, customs-free exports to other Eurasian Economic Union’s member states and low prices, Armenian potatoes are able to fairly quickly win markets in Russia", said Berberyan.