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Only British Potatoes for the French Fries of McDonald's UK

British Potatoes only for the french fries of McDonald's UK

Going forward, McDonald's UK will use 100% British Potatoes

October 5, 2015
McDonald’s in the United Kingdom is to start sourcing potatoes from British farmers only, as the fast food giant looks to appeal to customers more conscious about where their meals come from.

While most of its potatoes are already supplied from Britain, McDonald’s currently sources 13pc from countries across Europe, including Germany. The move, which starts later this month, will mean an extra £9m for British farmers on top of the £70m McDonald’s spends with them each year.

McDonald’s is one of the largest buyers of British potatoes, and the company expects to buy a quarter of a million tonnes of potatoes this year.

“A succession of wet harvests has caused the British potato sector great uncertainty in recent years, so I hope our long-term commitment to only source from this country will give farmers the confidence to innovate and invest for the future,” said Connor McVeigh, ‎supply chain director at McDonald’s UK.

It comes as part of a wider £350m investment programme in the UK, as the group overhauls its 1,250 stores in the country and transforms its menu offerings.

It has also launched touchscreen, self-service kiosks that give customers more choice and allow them to select their own ingredients.

Despite reporting lower sales in the US, McDonald’s has enjoyed 37 consecutive quarters of growth in the UK, and plans to open up to 30 new outlets a year this decade.

McDonald's Ireland

Meanwhile in Ireland.....

McDonald’s Ireland has no plans to source potatoes from Ireland at this time, a spokesperson from McDonald’s has confirmed.

Recently, McDonald’s UK announced that the only potatoes it will use for its fries will be UK potatoes. The move will make McDonald’s one of the largest buyers of UK potatoes through supplier McCain Foods and Lamb Weston.

McDonald’s Ireland sources its potatoes from supplier McCain’s in the UK, the spokesperson said and there are no plans to source potatoes from Ireland at this time.

But in Ireland McDonald’s beef, bacon, milk, cheese, water and eggs are 100% Irish, the spokesperson said.

Source: Agriland
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Lamb Weston Holdings Inc (NYSE:LW) is the largest potato company in North America with annual sales of approximately $2 billion. Lamb Weston manufactures french fries, potato specialties and dehydrated potato products.
McCain Foods activities in the United Kingdom and Ireland
McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 34,000 local restaurants serving nearly 69 million people in more than 118 countries each day.