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Pringles launches new tortilla range in United Kingdom
Pringles Tortilla, the latest corn chips snack innovation from Pringles, is hoping to revolutionise the category in three key areas: shape, taste and convenience.

Launching mid-April, Pringles Tortilla come in Pringles’ ‘hyperbolic parabaloid’ shape, and stack up neatly in a re-sealable can.

The four flavours at launch are: Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream, Spicy Chilli and Original.

Pringles spokesperson Gareth Maguire said: “Recent innovation in the tortilla category has had little impact, and consumers think everything looks and tastes the same.

“But that’s about to change with Pringles Tortilla, which we expect to drive explosive growth in both the Pringles brand and the tortilla category as a whole.

“The Large Sharing Tortilla category is worth £150m a year in the UK, but it has the potential to grow further with the addition of Pringles – the number one brand in Large Sharing.”

Pringles Tortilla has an RRP of £2.48.