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AHDB CEO Jane King comments on Brexit vote

Some of this morning headlines (Daily Mirror, left; Sun , right) informing their readers that the UK has voted to leave the EU

Commenting on the vote to leave the European Union earlier today, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s Chief Executive, Jane King, said:
“The AHDB focus remains unaffected by the decision to leave the EU - to equip levy payers with the tools to become more competitive and sustainable.

“Amongst other issues, the decision to leave brings to the fore the need for UK Government to target the best new trading relationships we can for UK food & agriculture both with the EU and other countries.

“AHDB has the skills and expertise to contribute to this work in areas such as market prioritisation, market access negotiations and facilitating relationships between UK exporters and overseas buyers. We stand ready to support the industry in identifying how it can best compete outside the EU.

“These issues will take time to resolve, but AHDB will play a full part in ensuring UK agriculture is a leading player on the global stage.”