Kettle Foods Ltd supports Kettle Bites with GBP 1.5 million campaign.

The Kettle Bites range consists of four tasty seasonings, across two different product bases – Lentil Curls and Wholegrain Waves

In the United Kingdom, Kettle Foods Ltd is supporting the KETTLE® Bites range throughout May and June, with the aim of educating target consumers that the new products offer great taste, but also a lighter eat for everyday snacking: Kettle Bites contain 50% less fat than standard ready salted crisps.

To raise awareness and prompt trial a wide ranging consumer campaign is running that includes print, poster and digital advertising, bus wraps, extensive product sampling and national Social Media and PR activity.

Kettle Bites Bus wrap...

Aimed at consumers during the pre-summer holiday diet season, print advertising is appearing in London titles, women’s weeklies & monthly magazines, and on poster sites at London stations. Digital display advertising is also targeting consumers throughout the day, when they are browsing the web and starting to feel a little peckish, on a host of sites including, and

The ads highlight the brand’s key attributes of great flavour combined with under 100 calories. In addition, half a million samples are being distributed to, health conscious individuals targeting those looking for something lighter when snacking but who don’t want to compromise at all on taste.

KETTLE® Bites are baked wholegrain and lentil snacks, which offer all the taste and quality that people expect from KETTLE® but with less than 100 calories per bag and 50% less fat than standard crisps.

The range consists of four tasty seasonings, across two different product bases – Lentil Curls and Wholegrain Waves – offered in both multi-pack and handy pack formats. Like all KETTLE® products the seasonings are made from real food ingredients and do not include any added msg, artificial flavours or colours.


Andrew Slamin, Kettle Foods Marketing Director:

“KETTLE® Chips is recognised as the original premium crisp brand which created the sharing category almost 30 years ago.”

“In addition to our core range, we believe that there is a new opportunity towards healthier eating where consumers are looking for snacks that deliver great taste, but for specific occasions want products that are lighter than traditional fried crisps. KETTLE® Bites is perfect for these more everyday snacking occasions.”

“The products achieved outstanding results in consumer research and we are confident that they will add value growth to the category.”