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Red River Valley Potatoes launches New Website

Red River Valley Potatoes launches New Website

The new NPPGA website dedicated to promoting potatoes grown for the fresh market, branded as Red River Valley Potatoes: RedRiverValleyPotatoes.com

November 14, 2016
Northern Plains Potato Growers Association (NPPGA) has launched a new website, one entirely dedicated to promoting potatoes grown for the fresh market and branded as Red River Valley Potatoes. Fittingly, the new web address is RedRiverValleyPotatoes.com.

Previously, Red River Valley Potatoes were marketed on the association's website NPPGA.org.

Ted Kreis, Marketing & Communications Director for NPPGA:

"That arrangement worked well for many years but the targeted audience of consumers and wholesale buyers had little interest in much of the content on that site so the marketing message for Red River Valley Potatoes got a bit watered down."

"Plus it was time for a fresh look for the highly competitive fresh market."
Kreis says NPPGA.org will continue touch on the fresh industry, but site visitors will be encouraged to visit the new site. The domain name RedPotatoes.net which was directed to NPPGA.org for fresh marketing purposes, is now redirected to the new website.

Ted Kreis:

"NPPGA.org will continue to be the association's main site, covering all aspects of NPPGA's mission including potato industry event schedules, crop science, NPPGA staff, committee and board of director contact information and much more"
Kreis worked directly with Anchor Marketing of Grand Forks to create the new site. In addition to the NPPGA.org and RedRiverValleyPotatoes.com, Kreis is also responsible for PotatoBowl.com, the website for Potato Bowl USA along with Facebook pages for both Red River Valley Potatoes and Potato Bowl USA.
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