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Elea highlights benefits PEF for snack sector at Snackex 2017

The Elea booth at Snackex 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Elea highlighted the opportunities PEF offers to the snack sector.
Elea also introduced their new Elea SmoothCut™ One system, a compact unit that makes Pulsed Electric Field treatment affordable for even the smallest snack manufacturers.

Elea GmbH, leading manufacturer of equipment for Pulsed Electric Field treatment (PEF) used the recently concluded Snackex to highlight the opportunities PEF offers to snack manufacturers.

The Snackex, the bi-annual top event for European Snack Manufacturers was held June 21-22, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Visitors of the Elea stand could experience the effects of Pulsed Electric Field treatment firsthand, because Elea had brought their PEFPilot system to show the benefits of Elea Pulsed Electric Field technology on the spot - which was certainly an attraction.

Furthermore, Elea used the Snackex to introduce its Elea SmoothCut™ One system, a compact all-in-one unit specifically suitable for smaller snack applications.

Elea SmoothCut™ One

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Elea Smoothcut One - frontview

Elea's SmoothCut™ One system - the company's latest design - is a compact, all in one unit including pulse generator, treatment belt and vessel for industrial scale treatment of vegetables and tubers.

Due to its unique design the system is able to process up to 6 t/h of sinking and floating products.

The state-of-the-art control system with touch screen panel allows to fully manage the process with maximum reliability and user safety.

The safety system includes a monitoring and interlock circuit making a surrounding fence obsolete. Robust build and solid state typology makes Elea technology exceptionally reliable and provides low maintenance costs and 24/7 operation.

Its small footprint and compact design makes it easy to fit into your current production line.

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Update January 2019: Video presentation of the benefits of Pulsed Electric Field treatment for savory snack production

In the snack sector, the Elea PEF SmoothCut systems result in e.g. new shapes and cuts, less fracture, a brighter or more even colour, higher yield, higher capacities and accelerated drying and frying.

Benefits PEF

Stefan Toepfl, Managing Director of Elea GmbH:

“Many thanks to all who visited us at the SnackEx in Vienna. We appreciated the many good meetings and constructive talks.”

“The premiere of our new compact Elea SmoothCut™ One system, designed specifically for smaller snack applications, was a great success.”

“First orders were placed and we will install a handful of systems by the end of this year.”

Veggie-snacks made with and without PEF

Opportunities for freeze-dried Snacks

Pulsed Electric Field treatment can create radical new opportunities for food products and new discoveries are made on a regular basis.

Elea studied freezedrying enhanced with Pulsed Electric Field treatment and found that Elea PEF accelerates freeze drying times and results in a better product quality.

Stefan Toepfl:

“We have recently investigated PEF enhanced freeze drying and infusion improvements of various produce and shown latest results and samples of e.g. freeze-dried bell pepper with superior quality have also been admired at our booth.”

“Elea PEF systems continue to transform manufacturing processes - providing large energy and water savings, improving yield, and reducing labour costs.”

“These efficiency improvements enable quick amortisation of investment costs on an Elea PEF system.