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First Jersey Royals arrive in the United Kingdom

First Jersey Royals arrive in the United Kingdom

Early Potatoes: Packing the first Jersey Royals.

The much prized Jersey Royals hit the market for the first time this week, just slightly later than the first crop last year. The potatoes are all from greenhouses or poly tunnels and there are still very limited volumes.

William Church from the Jersey Royal Company:

“We sent the first Jersey Royals over to England to selected panellists at the London Markets and Southampton on Monday.”

“Volumes are limited this week, but will increase gradually until we start the outside harvest in early April.”
The season was a few weeks behind that of last year as the skies were clear, lowering both air and ground temperatures, but William said there had been persistent rain and drizzle over the last ten days that has brought warmer temperatures which will help the crop develop.

William Church:

“The season has been a bit slower getting going this year but its picking up now.”

“Prices are very good at the moment at £2.50 per lb, this will not last for long though.”
The Jersey Royal Company has the luxury of being the only one on the market just now.
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The Jersey Royal Company is a fully integrated produce company growing, grading, washing and packing Jersey Royal New Potatoes for UK retailers.
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