Heat and Control to Exhibit at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017

Ishida iTPS Weigher Bagmaker

Heat and Control®, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and supplier, will showcase the latest technologies from FastBack®, Spray Dynamics®, CEIA®, and Ishida®.

Visitors will see Heat and Control’s latest generation of processing, coating and seasoning, conveying, weighing, packaging, and inspection systems. Featuring the FastBack Revolution® On Machine Seasoning (OMS), this system combines the most advanced FastBack conveyor, the FastBack Model 260E-G3 with hygienic design ideal for the poultry industry, the superior seasoning performance of Revolution OMS, the patented AccuFlavor™ dynamic tumble drum, and the efficiency of the modular dust collection system into one compact, cost-efficient standalone unit designed to overcome seasoning challenges at the weigher.

Spray Dynamics’ two-stage coating system helps increase continuous run time (greater efficiency), increase production, reduce product time-to-market and warehouse space, and improve responsiveness to customers.

The Ishida X-ray inspection systems accurately detect foreign materials and their DACS checkweighers ensure the precise weight and product count.

CEIA's THS/MN21 ferrous-in-foil metal detector has been especially designed for the inspection of products in aluminum foil trays and packages, and its wide bandwidth allows maximum-sensitivity operation at both high and low transit speeds.

For the snack industry, the Ishida Atlas® iTPS™ Ultrasonic snack food bagmaker offers significantly less packaging film consumption and improves seal quality compared to traditional bag sealing. Ishida’s ultrasonic technology heats only the sealant layers of the mated film surfaces; this produces end and back seals that are 30–50% narrower and far stronger than ordinary heat seals.

The popular CCW multihhead weigher will also feature at the show, including the Model RV, Ishida’s best performing model which delivers the highest levels of accuracy of any multihead weigher. In addition to consistent weighing at close-to-zero giveaway, the RV is approximately 15% faster than comparable weighers. With automatic set-up, self-draining surfaces, and wireless operation, Ishida RV weighers take net-weighing of dry, fresh, and frozen foods to a new level of efficiency.

Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sep 25-27 2017—Visit Heat and Control at booth #C-1603