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McCain opens its Roastaurant to help settle the #greatroastdebate

The Great Roast debate: The McCain pop-up opens on Brick Lane in December

McCain is opening the doors to its own speciality restaurant, the Roastaurant, to celebrate the diversity of one of the nation’s favourite meals.

The Roastaurant will provide roast dinner lovers the choice of over 100,000 possible roast combinations as guests choose from a pick ‘n’ mix style menu.

Featuring a unique ‘gravy microbrewery’ and a giant six metre squared roast potato platter filled with thousands of McCain Roasts, the Roastaurant is set to bring the ultimate roast dinner experience to London.

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Roast Potatoes

To accommodate all roast dinner habits, whether it’s pigeon with onion rings covered in chocolate gravy, or beef brisket accompanied with a fried egg and a side of charred pineapple, the McCain Roastaurant will be dishing up a whole host of exploratory roast combinations, no matter how quirky they may be.

The Roastaurant will be split into two sittings:

  • ‘The Full Roast’ - a sit down roast dinner experience with all the trimmings including one meat or baked cheese, gravy, vegetable, side dish and condiment.
    Sittings at various times.
    Tickets are £7.50 + booking fee

  • ‘Roasts and Gravy’- an interactive ‘gravy microbrewery’ and McCain Roasts experience.
    Diners can visit the giant self-service McCain Roasts platter and fill their bowls with as many Roasts and gravy variations from the microbrewery as they like.
    Tickets are £5.00 + booking fee