New potato varieties for Spain and Portugal

Pepsur Marketing is introducing several new potato varieties to Spain and Portugal (Courtesy: Pepsur Marketing).

Pepsur Marketing, a subsidiary of Pan European Potato Enterprise Limited, a company dedicated to the production and marketing of potatoes and seed potatoes, is introducing several new potato varieties to Spain and Portugal, where the company represents a.o. the potato companies IPM and Cygnet.

The Potato varieties Tornado, Fandango, Gatsby, La Strada, and Sunset are especially for the producing areas of Spain while Gatsby, La Strada, and Sunset are also intended for Portugal.

Tornado (IPM)

The new Tornado variety is one of the outstanding early varieties. It has a bright red skin, white flesh, and can be grown in extreme drought conditions and high temperatures, it is also very resistant to the common scab.

David Sanchez, Pepsur's Technical Director of Marketing:

"Since this variety produces many tubers, we suggest planting it at a bigger distance than usual to get good yields.”

“Tornado is ideal for baking and frying."

The early Potato variety Tornado has red skin and white flesh.

La Strada (Cygnet)

After two years of testing in experimental fields, La Strada, a new early variety that is characterized by producing large tubers, will be marketed this year.

David Sanchez:



“80% of the La Strada potatoes that we harvested were bigger than 70 mm and had 0% internal defects.”

“It is an interesting variety for producers seeking large sizes.”

La Strada adapts to extreme climates and tolerates drought.





The early potato variety La Strada (Cygnet) adapts to extreme climates and tolerates drought

David Sanchez:





“The tests performed on this variety in experimental fields in Egypt and Seville and Murcia in Spain, have had positive results.”

“La Strada also adapts to more northern regions, such as Galicia and Castilla León in Spain, and Lisbon in Portugal.”

Gatsby (Cygnet) and Fandango (IPM)

Regarding the mid-season varieties, Pepsur presented the Gatsby and Fandango varieties.

The Gatsby variety also produces large tubers, although it's production schedule starts later, as it is a mid-season variety.

David Sanchez:





“We intend to market it in the organic market because of its high resistance to mildew and the Alternaria fungus.”

“Due to its high dry matter content, it is a very suitable for frying.”

The Fandango is also a mid-season variety. It is an ideal variety that has to be washed and brushed, as its large and uniform tubers have an excellent soft and shiny skin that can be easily cleaned.





Fandango (IPM)

Sunset (Cygnet)

Finally, Pepsur completes its supply of new varieties with Sunset (late season), a potato of the Desiree kind.

David Sanchez:





“We launched the Sunset variety for those who know the Desiree potato, a rustic potato with one of the highest yields, as one of its parents is the Desiree.”

“It is almost like the Desiree but it is much more resistant to diseases, such as Fusarium, Mildew, or the common scab. It is one of the varieties with the highest yields in the tests performed in the Canary Islands.”



Potato variety Sunset (Cygnet) (Courtesy: SASA / Crown)