United States Export of Potatoes and Potato Products Up for July 2017

Potatoes USA reported that export of potatoes and potato products in the month of July (2017) was up compared to July last year.

After a record export of potatoes and potato products from the United States in the period from July 2016 to June 2017, Potatoes USA reported that export in the month of July was up compared to July last year.

Exports of frozen, dehydrated and fresh potatoes in July 2017 all showed gains compared to July 2016. The volume of frozen exports was up 1%, with the value up 3% to $94 million. The volume of exports of dehydrated potatoes was up 12% and the value up 12% to $17 million. Fresh potato export volume was up 51% with the value up 41% to $33 million.

Export of Frozen Potato Products

Exports of frozen potato products to Mexico and Japan continued their recent recovery and were up 11% and 10% respectively. Korea up 10%, Malaysia up 10% the Philippines up 13% all continued the strong growth from last marketing year. Declines were seen in China (-31%), Indonesia (-69%), Thailand (-32%) and Central America (-20%).

Export of Dehydrated Potato

Dehy exports continued the increases from the last quarter of the previous marketing year, and were led by a 26% increase to Mexico, 123% increase to Indonesia, an 88% increase to the Philippines and a 26% increase to Japan.

Unfortunately, China (-11%), Malaysia (-58%) and Korea (-83%) all continued their recent declines.

Export of fresh potatoes (table-stock and chip-stock)

Fresh exports (both table-stock and chip-stock) had a lot of positive growth in July 2017 compared to 2016, with the largest fresh export market, Canada up 49%.

Many markets in Asia were up significantly; Philippines 311%, Taiwan 142%, Japan 103% and Malaysia 90%.

Mexico did see a decline of 6% and Central America was off 39%.