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  • Insort presents its first end-of-line sorter for frozen french fries at Interpom 2018 – the Sherlock Hybrid
Insort presents its first end-of-line sorter for frozen french fries at Interpom 2018 – the Sherlock Hybrid.

Sherlock Hybrid: combined skills

Since 2011, the Austrian company Insort has been developing sorting machines for various foods such as potatoes, berries, almonds and nuts...

These sorters recognise foreign materials using Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) and remove them from the product flow at high speed.

This equipment is used by well-known food manufacturers around the globe.

See it at Interpom | Primeurs 2018

At Interpom | Primeurs 2018, which takes place starting November 25 in Kortrijk (Belgium), Insort is presenting its next generation equipment: the SHERLOCK HYBRID is the first end of the line sorting machine from Insort for frozen french fries offering a previously unaccomplished level of assurance that no foreign materials are present and the widest range of functionality.

Multi Sensor Fusion

The SHERLOCK HYBRID combines the proven Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) with high definition RGB camera technology. The completely newly developed software platform allows for the merging of data from multiple sensors.

Multi Reject Fusion

In addition, the SHERLOCK HYBRID offers 3-way sorting through a combination of air and dropgate rejection .

The ultra-fast air jets enable a precise yield and careful expulsion of product defects and short pieces, while the “Safeguard Dropgates” ensure the rejection of any foreign substances regardless of their size or shape such as wood, metal, glass, plastic or product-specific foreign substances.

Thanks to the high information density of the Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), in combination with the high definition RGB cameras, the system can make the best possible decision as to whether unwanted objects should be expelled using air to protect the yield, or using the drop gates optimised for FOOD SAFETY.

Quantitative Chemical Analytic Data

In addition, the Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) allows quantitative chemical analytic data to be collected inline and in real time, such as the output of the dry matter value of the product stream, and thereby saves time-consuming laboratory analysis for quality control.

In combination with data concerning the lengths and colour defects in the product stream, the SHERLOCK HYBRID represents an important contribution to modern Industry 4.0 production processes.

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Sherlock Hybrid explained

Matthias Jeindl, CEO and founder of Insort GmbH:

“With the SHERLOCK HYBRID, Insort is able to provide the French Fry industry with a new and previously unseen path to quality assurance at the highest level of food safety and with maximised yields.”
Carlo Mylle, co-owner of the Belgian family business and manufacturer of potato specialities Mydibel, is one of the first buyers.

Carlo Mylle, co-owner Mydibel:

“The investment in the SHERLOCK HYBRID has quickly proven itself to be justified and forward-looking. In particular, the foreign substance certainty of the CIT® camera module is unrivalled in the industry.”