World Potato Congress 2023 to be held in Adelaide, South Australia

World Potato Congress 2023 to be held in Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Convention Centre

October 27, 2019
Adelaide, South Australia has been named as the host city for the 2023 World Potato Congress (WPC), the first time this globally significant biennial business event has been held in Australia.

The announcement was made during Potatoes South Australia’s Annual Industry Dinner and Auction, held on Friday October 25.

The successful bid was led by the Adelaide Convention Bureau and Potatoes South Australia and highlighted Adelaide's business events offering including accessibility, world class venues, hotels and connectivity.

In addition, the bid focused on an ‘Old World Meets New’ theme given the historical status of the potato as a food staple, the innovation and technology applied to its production today and the investment in research and development being undertaken locally and internationally with consideration given to global changes in sustainability, climate, culture and population.

Furthermore, Potatoes South Australia presented the WPC board with an all new initiative which also featured strongly in South Australia’s successful bid to host the event: as of the 2023 congress, a ‘WPC Trust for Developing Nations’ will be established, the purpose of which will be to help fund Potato Industry Research, Development and Education in developing nations.

The potato industry’s philanthropy in the developed world will aim to meet the following objectives including:
  • Assisting in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
  • Developing global partnerships and encouraging information sharing
  • Improving water use efficiency
  • Increasing yields from a diminishing arable/useable area
  • Increasing educational and nutritional standards
  • Reducing food loss and waste in the value chain

The WPC ‘Old World meets New’ theme will truly focus on the importance and position the potato will play in the future with topics for discussion and discovery at the congress to include Sustainability, Consumer Behaviour, Value-Adding, Technology in Production and Pests/Diseases and Biosecurity.

The Bureau in its bid to attract their interest in South Australia as a host destination, initially hosted the event owners at their 2017 Agricultural Industry showcase - an annual educational event designed to highlight the state’s business events assets as well as its innovation and technological advances within the agricultural sector.

The Bureau has been working alongside and supporting Potatoes South Australia ever since, in its efforts to bring this important world congress to South Australia.

Robbie Davis, CEO Potatoes South Australia:
“On behalf of Australia’s Bid Committee and the Australian industry, I am honoured and thrilled that Potatoes South Australia will lead the hosting of the 2023 World Potato Congress in Adelaide, South Australia.”

“A first for Australia, this unique event will provide the opportunity for whole-of-industry unification in the celebration of the world’s 3rd largest food crop.”

“Our innovative, creative, food-savvy city which is a hub for entrepreneurship and world-class R&D, will be the perfect backdrop for this significant global event.”

“We will be proud to demonstrate clever technology from the Australian paddock to the global plate. Reciprocally, the networking and investment opportunities, the learnings and experiences the local industry will access will be invaluable.”
Romain Cools, World Potato Congress Inc. President & CEO:
“Together with our Board and the International Advisory Committee, I am so pleased that Adelaide will host the 12th World Potato Congress in 2023.”

“WPC’s ambition to become a premier global networking organization for potato professionals includes, by definition, establishing activities in all regions and continents.”

“Inviting the global potato scene to join us in Australia in 2023 is illustrating that sharing knowledge, experience and innovation will push this unique sector of the agro-food industry further ahead.”

“We are confident that under the theme ‘Old World Meets New’ this congress will increase capacity and quality for the potato value chain in the host country as well as in all traditional and new potato growing areas in the world.”
Damien Kitto, CEO, Adelaide Convention Bureau:
“The agriculture industry is vital to South Australia through its economic generation, world-class innovation and job creation. Our reputation as a premium food destination continues to grow internationally and is a unique proposition for business event delegates.”

“It is for these reasons, as well as the broader legacy impacts - increased global profile, knowledge exchange, trade and investment and global talent attraction - from hosting business events, that agriculture is a priority focus for the Adelaide Convention Bureau.”

“We are proud to have partnered with Potatoes South Australia to bring this globally significant agriculture event to Adelaide and we thank the State Government and our Team Adelaide partners for their support. Congratulations to Potatoes South Australia on their initiative to create the ‘WPC Trust for Developing Nations’ which will play a significant role for the world potato industry for decades.”
Tim Whetstone, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development for South Australia:
“Hosting the World Potato Congress is a massive coup for South Australia and this is the first time the event has been held in Australia. South Australia produces in excess of 500,000 tonnes of potatoes annually and 80 per cent of the nation’s fresh potatoes.”

“The Congress is an opportunity to showcase to an international audience why South Australia is a leader in the potato industry. I’d like to congratulate Potatoes South Australia on the hard work they put in to leading a successful bid for this major event.”
David Ridgway, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment for South Australia:
“The World Potato Congress is recognition of the excellence of our industry, as well as the knowledge and passion in the state.”

“Events such as these play an essential role in trade and investment in the opportunities they present to the state prior to, during and importantly after the last delegate departs.”

“We will also be encouraging delegates to stay longer and enjoy the experiences on offer in wonderful tourism regions.”
The 2023 World Potato Congress is expected to attract over 1000 delegates to Adelaide for the week, generating in excess of $4.5 million to the State’s economy and almost forty direct jobs.

Further updates on World Potato Congress 2023 are expected in the upcoming months and can be found on the world potato congress website and of course, we will update you here on PotatoPro as well.