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McDonald's UK and Ireland have closed all restaurants - including Drive Thru and takeout

McDonald's UK and Ireland close all restaurants - including Drive Thru and takeout

McDonald's UK and Ireland have closed all restaurants - including Drive Thru and takeout

March 23, 2020
While in response to COVID-19 risks restaurants in many regions are offering Drive Thru, takeout and/or delivery only, in the United Kingdom and Ireland leading fast food Chain McDonald's has closed its restaurants altogether - including Drive Thru and take-away.

Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive Officer, McDonald’s UK & Ireland:

“Over the last 24 hours, it has become clear that maintaining safe social distancing whilst operating busy takeaway and Drive Thru restaurants is increasingly difficult and therefore we have taken the decision to close every restaurant in the UK and Ireland by 7pm on Monday 23rd March.”

“We have not taken this decision lightly and know that our restaurants have been playing an important role in the community providing hundreds of thousands of free drinks to frontline health and social workers and emergency services personnel.”

“But I have been clear throughout this that we would only continue to operate whilst it was safe for our people and together with our franchisees, we feel now is the time to make this decision to temporarily close.”
This approach is distinctly different from e.g. in the United States, where in a statement dated March 23, Joe Erlinger, President, McDonald's USA expresses a quite different view.

Joe Erlinger, President, McDonald's USA:

“Through this very stressful time, McDonald’s is here to serve communities across the United States.”

“Our customers, employees and communities are counting on us now more than ever to provide them the meaningful support, delicious food and good paying jobs they need.”

“We are proud that our customers and their families depend on us.”

“We don’t want to let them down.”

“In the United States, we provide critically needed, contactless ways for families, the elderly, truck drivers, health care workers and first responders to get the fresh food they need every day through drive-thru, carry-out and delivery service. And we know this because they’re thanking us for it.”
McDonald's USA has taken significant precautions to protect its customers and employees from COVID-19 according to his message: McDonald's closed many of its dine-in sections, all play areas and increased cleaning, particularly in high-traffic areas, and made hand sanitizer available.

In addition, McDonald's USA announced they would provide two weeks paid leave for employees of company-owned restaurants who are impacted by the virus.

Most frozen french fries are consumed in restaurants and food service. Hence, social distancing measures taken around the world to 'flatten the curve' of the epidemic spread of COVID-19 not only affect restaurants but also affect demand for frozen french fries.

As the largest restaurant chain worldwide, the measures taken at McDonald's will be of special impact.
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McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 34,000 local restaurants serving nearly 69 million people in more than 118 countries each day.