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Barnana® Snacks Introduces Organic Plantain Crisps.

Barnana's new flaky, layered Organic Plantain Crisps are unlike any chip on the market. Savory, not sweet because they are made from green plantains, they come in two flavors: Sea Salt and Garlic.

Barnana’s new flaky, layered Organic Plantain Crisps are unlike any chip on the market. These savory snacks are made from plantains.

Savory, not sweet because they are made from green plantains.

America's salty snack lovers are broadening their taste preferences, and recent research suggests that plantain chips could be the next salty snack sensation.

Barnana®, a sustainable snacks company, recently fielded a national consumer survey to gauge mainstream America's knowledge about plantains as it introduces its newest chip, Organic Plantain Crisps.

The national survey revealed that while potato chips may still be America's favorite, with 87% of Americans finding them at least somewhat appealing, plantain chips are a contender at 42%, far ahead of kale chips at 27%.

Younger adults are even more enthusiastic, with plantain chip appeal jumping to 55% among 18-34 year olds, versus potato chips at 84%.

Caue Suplicy, Barnana's Founder:
“Plantains are an incredibly versatile fruit, used in countless ways globally.”

“Our new Organic Plantain Crisps are a savory, crispy, layered chip perfect for Americans who love potato chips but seek something new that's made from ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet.”

“If you've ever tasted a tostón (also known as a patacón in Ecuador), a beloved and popular snack in Latin America, you'll be familiar with the unique taste experience in-store from our new Crisps.”

From organic green plantains to innovative salty snack: New Organic Plantain Crisps from Barnana.

A common misperception about plantain chips is that they will be sweet because many plantain products on U.S. grocery shelves and served in restaurants use fully-ripe plantains that contain more natural sugar, giving them a sweeter flavor profile.

Barnana's plantain chips, including the new Organic Plantain Crisps, are savory because they're made from organic green plantains which are rich in resistant starch that has not yet converted to sugar.

They're sliced, gently fried in 100% organic coconut oil, mashed until they're even thinner, then fried again to create a unique, flaky and layered texture.

While taste is still the top driver in snacking choices, nutrition is a factor in plantain chips, according to the survey, as Americans look for better-for-you options.

Barnana's Organic Plantain Crisps are made with only whole foods; the Sea Salt flavor is made from organic green plantains, organic coconut oil, and sea salt and the Garlic flavor is made with the same three ingredients plus organic garlic.

Each variety contains 0 grams of sugar per serving and the crisps are gluten-free, grain-free, and Paleo-friendly.

Americans are embracing foods from all around the world and that includes plantains. Barnana's survey found that more than two-thirds of Americans (71%) enjoy trying foods from different cultures.

This is especially true for younger Americans as 76% of those 18-34 look to try foods from other cultures, compared to 65% of those 55+.

This penchant for expanding food choices helps explain the survey finding that nearly one-quarter (23%) of Americans buy plantains or plantain products at least once per month, with 37% of younger Americans, those 18-34, purchasing them at that frequency.

Barnana's Organic Plantain Crisps will also appeal to the growing number of people, sometimes called planetarians, who eat foods that leave a lighter footprint on the planet; or anyone who is trying to eat more sustainably to help reduce global environmental and social justice problems within the food system.

They fit in perfectly with the growing demand for plant-based snacks.

Caue Suplicy:
“We work with hundreds of small farmers in Ecuador, many of whom are indigenous people, to grow organic plantains using regenerative farming practices that rebuild and restore soil biodiversity.”

“As a Certified B Corporation, it's critical to us that our snacks not only taste great, but that they are produced in a socially-just, environmentally sustainable way.”
Barnana’s Organic Plantain Crisps come in two flavors: Sea Salt and Garlic. Available at Amazon and starting August 27, 2021 and in Whole Foods in mid-September.