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Potato Days Live wants to inspire the sector to make sustainable choices
Potato Days Live wants to inspire the sector to make sustainable choices
The potato sector can significantly contribute to a sustainable food supply worldwide. HZPC will therefore broadcast an inspiring program on 3 November during Potato Days 2021 Live, with themes like hybrid breeding, the transformation of food systems, and the Netherlands as a breeding ground for seed potatoes.

Watch and grow along with participants from the international potato world that are joining us online from 90 countries. The future of seed potato cultivation starts by posing some urgent questions: How do we feed the rapidly growing world population? And how can we do so responsibly and sustainably in our sector? These are the subjects that HZPC will discuss with its partners during Potato Days.

This will take place as part of an interactive live program with enthusiastic panel guests and speakers. Broadcasted straight from the heart of HZPC; the Research facility in Metslawier in the north of the Netherlands.

Local cultivation

The aim is to inform and inspire one another on a journey into the future. On the path to better, more sustainable varieties and innovative solutions. In which there is room for dialogue. After all, just how sustainable is shipping increasing quantities of seed potatoes from the fertile Dutch delta soils to distant parts of the world, and are we even reaching all the potato growers in the world?

Who knows, exporting genetics and expertise may soon become more important than exporting tons of seed potatoes. With guests like Peter Berghuis (LTO), Romain Cools (World Potato Congress), and Jasper Spikker (Agriterra), both the value of local cultivation and the role of the Netherlands as a breeding ground for healthy seed potatoes will be discussed.

The effect of hybrid breeding

Special attention will be paid to hybrid breeding during Potato Days. This method helps make faster and more sustainable progress within the package of varieties. How? All of this will be discussed during the panel discussion. Potato professionals worldwide will find out what this innovative technology means for seed potato growing.

The effect of hybrid potatoes in the food industry will also be discussed, while a chef will cook live with the hybrid potatoes during the show.
HZPC Potato Day

Seed Potatoes

Feeding a rapidly growing global population

800 million people go hungry every day. To inspire the potato world to take up the challenge of feeding these people in times of climate change, Martin Kropff (CGIAR) has been invited as a keynote speaker. He will outline the importance of transforming our food systems and explain the potential role of the potato.
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HZPC potato day 3 november

HZPC potato day 3 november

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