Dutch potato exports waiting on Eastern European demand

Las exportaciones de patata holandesa esperan a la demanda de Europa del Este.

Dutch potato exports waiting on Eastern European demand.

February 17, 2022
Dutch potato exports are not currently busy at all.

William Westhoeve, Westhoeve Potatoes:
"February is never that wild. Things are quieter to most major destinations in West Africa. Those countries have their own crops, so they've closed their borders. So, there's mainly demand from the Caribbean region."

"We're waiting on demand from Eastern Europe. We're getting queries, but apart from a few shipments, those exports haven't really taken off yet."

"It's been quiet for weeks, at other exporters and packers too. It's no different for onions, either."

"Only the French fries market is picking up, but we're less involved in that market. There are certainly no quality issues. And there seem to be fewer logistical problems, but that's because it's so much quieter now. If we were running at full volume, the reefer container availability would be making things much tougher."

"Prices are quite stable. We're selling bales for EUR 0.18 to EUR 0.19 (USD 0.20 to USD 0.21) to places like Romania. But to do that, you have to buy from growers at below EUR 0.15 (USD 0.16), which isn't easy."

"If prices were two or three cents lower, export to Eastern Europe would immediately go much smoother. But, for now, growers aren't willing to go for that. But that will come because they have to eventually empty their stores."

"However, if Eastern Europe were willing to pay more, things would get going faster."

"It's, of course, a game of supply and demand, and the ball's not currently in the Dutch farmers' court. They, understandably, want to get fair prices for their product, which we support."
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