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  • Soiltech Wireless - provider of an affordable soil moisture sensor - completes USD 2.5M Funding Round
Soiltech Wireless Completes USD 2.5M Funding Round to Increase Product Velocity and Advance Stability

Soiltech Wireless Completes USD 2.5M Funding Round to Increase Product Velocity and Advance Stability

July 23, 2022

Soiltech Wireless, a leader in remote crop monitoring and traceability from farm to transport and storage, has completed its seed funding round of USD 2.5 million. Homegrown Capital was the leader in this round along with Great North Ventures, Capital11, SBR Enterprises, Juno, Vinyl and 701 Angel Fund.

Ehsan Soltan, Founder and CEO, SoilTech:

"These funds will help us accelerate growth. We have worked hard to prove the concept, enhance the product and demonstrate value to our customers."

"Now that we have proven this level of success at farm gate, we will build the team to drive sales, while continuing to collaborate with customers and researchers to refine our product and software platform to deliver tangible operational, sustainability and traceability results across the agricultural supply chain."
Soiltech Wireless Centralized Platform

Soiltech Wireless Centralized Platform

The Soiltech sensor is tailored to facilitate ease of use, pre-configure, pre-charge, and help farmers improve crop quality, increase yields, reduce costs, and reduce environmental impact.

This current round of funding will focus on the development of the SoilTech software platform to help enhance collaboration across the agricultural supply chain and provide better insights to farmers, consultants, processors and input companies.

Pradip Madan, Managing Partner, Great North Ventures:
"Successful farming depends on reliable soil conditions. With increasing season variability, it becomes more important to measure and manage soil conditions. Farmers want moisture management solutions that are cost-effective and easy to deploy. Soiltech’s products provide both and are becoming popular with farmers. Over time, Soiltech’s value will grow further with other sensors and form factors."
In addition to the leadership team based in Idaho, Soiltech has recently added team members in California, Nebraska, and North Dakota and will continue to add employees as the company expands its commercial operations.