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Potato News from Japan

Impact TOMRA Sorter and Steam Peeler on Potato Salad Base at Hata Foods
Toshiyuki Hata, CEO at the Japanese company Hata Foods explains the impact of the installation of a TOMRA Orbit 150 steam peeler, brusher, washer, and a TOMRA Genius B1200 sorting machine on the production of their 'potato salad base'
Coriander-and-pork-flavored potato chips available in Japan
In Japan, you can now buy coriander-and-pork-flavored potato chips.
Japanese snack food maker Koikeya extends line of "breakfast" potato chips
Japanese snack food maker Koikeya extends its line of 'breakfast' potato chips - yes, you are supposed to eat them as breakfast in the morning - with two new flavors: 'Toast' and 'Milk'
Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Japan: Calbee offers two spicy new potato chip flavors: Thai Tom Yum Kung and Sichuan-style tofu
Japanese snack maker Calbee has recently released two new potato chip flavors (in Japan), and it looks like they could add quite a bit of zest to your snack life.
Thursday, March 10, 2016
A taste of Spring in Japan: Sakura (Cherry-blossom) Butter flavored potato chips
It is still winter in Japan, but snack makers are already coming out with a taste of Spring: Sakura (Cherry-Blossom) - Butter
Monday, February 1, 2016
McChoco Potato: French Fries drizzled with chocolate sauce at McDonald's Japan
McDonald's Japan just announced the McChoco Potato, french fries drizzled with two chocolate sauces, a limited time offer available starting January 26