La comarca de A Limia recoge más de cien millones de kilos de patatas, de los que diez están amparados
November 11, 2019
El Consello Regulador, a la espera de que Bruselas incluya la Agria y la Fina para doblar la producción.
Sun Sets on 55-Year Potato Co-op
September 17, 2019
The mood was upbeat and confident at the Malin Potato Cooperative in February of 2015. The Merrill, Oregon, agricultural co-op was preparing to open a brand-new, $7 million state-of-the-art potato packing plant.
Campbell to Sell Europe Potato Chips Business for $80 Million
September 03, 2019
Campbell Soup Co. agreed to sell its European potato chips business to Valeo Foods Group Ltd. for about 66 million pounds ($80 million), the soupmaker’s latest divestment as it simplifies operations.
Oregon Potato Company to acquire assets of bankrupt NORPAC Foods
August 22, 2019
NORPAC Foods, Inc., a grower-owned fruit and vegetable cooperative founded in 1924, announced that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Oregon Potato Company (OPC) under which OPC will acquire substantially all of the Company's assets.
Lamb Weston Opens Expanded Operations in Hermiston, Oregon
June 19, 2019
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: LW) joined with community and civic leaders on June 13 to celebrate the completed expansion of its operations in Hermiston, Oregon.
Gary Roth new Executive Director of the Oregon Potato Commission
May 05, 2019
On May 1, Gary Roth started as the new Executive Director of the Oregon Potato Commission (OPC).
New type of zebra chip disease discovered in potato fields of Oregon
April 20, 2019
ARS Researchers studied potato tubers from the Klamath Basin in Oregon infected with the causal bacteria of zebra chip disease. They confirmed the presence of the pathogen but did not identify the sample as one of the six known varieties (haplotypes).
Lamb Weston saves energy with installation efficient refrigeration equipment
May 06, 2018
Potato Processor Lamb Weston recently implemented new refrigeration equipment in its Hermiston plant, which company executives said will save 12 million kilowatt hours annually.
Oregon Governor visits Lamb Weston - Hermiston expansion
April 29, 2018
Lamb Weston Hermiston welcomed the Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who got a look at the site where workers are busy constructing the $250 million expansion of the existing french fry factory.
Fight over water in Klamath Basin affects potato growers
April 11, 2018
Farmers, fish advocates, tribes and government officials are headed to federal court in California on Wednesday (today) to argue who will get water — and when — in the Klamath Basin.
Lamb Weston expansion in Hermiston comes with millions in tax break.
February 07, 2018
Lamb Weston's $220 million plan for its french fry making operation in Hermiston will come with a 15-year property tax break.
Vanmark Expands its Line of Peelers, Scrubber and Washers with the lower capacity 1820 Series
January 07, 2018
Equipment manufacturer Vanmark now offers with the 1820 series a lower capacity continuous Peeler/Scrubber/Washer suitable for potatoes. The new machinery is ideal for processors that increase automation or are upgrading from batch processing


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