Tasmanian Potato Farmers accepted Simplot's latest price offer
August 28, 2019
More than 80 potato growers in Tasmania, Australia felt a sense of relief when receiving Simplot's second offer for their processing potatoes, says Nathan Richardson, chairperson of the Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association (TFGA) Vegetable Council.
Potato wholesaler penalised
August 20, 2019
One of Australia’s largest potato wholesalers, Mitolo Group, has been fined for entering into unfair contracts with growers.
Designing a better low-fat potato chip
August 15, 2019
Australian researchers have developed a technique to analyze potato chips’ physical characteristics from simulated first bite to swallow, which they say could be used to help formulate a tastier low-fat snack.
Potato Industry Western Australia looking for best way to grow export
August 05, 2019
In Western Australia, the potato industry is embarking on a major effort to develop export opportunities
Tong’s new MonstaFill high capacity filler ticks all the boxes for Tasmanian Seed Potato Processor
July 24, 2019
Tong Engineering has introduced a new twin-head box filler - the Monstafill. A seed potato processor in Tasmania is already using it to minimise labour and to almost triple throughput.
Collaborative discussion between seed potato schemes
July 22, 2019
On 10 May, a meeting was held between AuSPICA, members of the Tasmanian Certified Seed Potato Scheme (known as TasSeed) and invited industry representatives.
Intersnack Group to acquire 40% of Universal Robina Oceania
July 19, 2019
Philippine-based food company Universal Robina (URC) has announced the divestiture of a 40% stake in its Oceania subsidiary, URC Oceania, to the German snack food manufacturer Intersnack.
Farmers fight for potato pay as Simplot records $62m profit
July 08, 2019
Tasmanian potato growers say Simplot is not paying them enough for their vegetables, as they negotiate a new contract with the vegetable processing giant.
Potato growers to learn about managing pests and diseases at Potato Industry R&D Forum
June 25, 2019
Australian potato growers keen to learn about the latest research for managing key pests and diseases on potato farms have an opportunity to listen to leading experts at a Potato Industry Research and Development (R&D) Forum in Melbourne this week.
Lamb Weston Signs Agreement to Acquire Australian Frozen Potato Processor Ready Meals Pty Ltd
June 24, 2019
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Ready Meals Pty Ltd (Ready Meals), a frozen potato processor in Australia.
McCain launches craft beer battered chips
June 19, 2019
McCain has launched a range of craft beer battered chips via a new campaign from Cummins&Partners that "challenges the norm" of online advertising with a long and complex audio clip.
Complete Snack Solutions on display at Snackex 2019 with Heat and Control and Ishida
June 17, 2019
The Heat and Control and Ishida (HCI) Alliance is delivering on the promise of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrated processing and packaging snack solutions, with an expert team and a selection of the latest innovative equipment design on display at Snackex,