PPM BL Conveyor

PPM BL Conveyor

PPM BL Conveyor

The PPM Technologies BL conveyor was designed for high-volume or heavy-head-load applications, using a mechanical crankshaft and belt/pulley system powered by a variable-frequency motor.

The BL’s soft start/stop drive was engineered to provide gentle product handling at speeds up to 100ft/min. Of the BL/LBL pair of models, the BL was designed to accommodate a much longer/larger pan, offering lengths of up to 100 feet using only a single drive.

The BL is easily custom­ized to suit a variety of applications, with design options such as cutter feeds and three-lane takeaways, and feed capabilities up to 14 cutters on a single unit. Additional design options include covers, screens and rods for multi-deck grading and nubbin eliminators for corn.

The BL’s overhead drive and suspension support options help optimize the performance of your processing line, and add measurable value to your production.
Performance Highlights
  • Simple mechanical design
  • Soft-start drive system
  • Numerous options to suit a variety of application needs

Most Popular Applications
  • Cutter feeds
  • Dewatering
  • Orienting
  • Size grading diameter
  • Size grading length
  • Nubbin eliminators
  • Scalping (similar to specifications options)


  • Stainless steel, washdown drive

  • Up to 100’ (30m)

  • Up to 48″ (1220mm)

  • 230-575V, 50 or 60Hz