PPM Rabbit Ear Belt

PPM Rabbit Ear Belt

PPM Rabbit Ear Belt

PPM’s Rabbit Ear belts can transfer product up to 100 feet at an incline of up to 15 degrees; units can be either floor-mounted or ceiling-hung.

PPM’s entire range of belt conveyors features low-maintenance, sanitary designs with food-grade PVC belting materials and stainless-steel frames for washdown environments.
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PPM Technologies Belt Conveyors

Performance Highlights
  • Simple, versatile operation
  • Reliable modern designs ensure long-lasting, dependable system availability with consistent results
  • Sanitary high-quality, food-grade materials, with safe and easy access for cleaning
  • Versatile configurations for a wide range of products and applications
  • Economical footprint and energy-efficiency, with improved serviceability and simple maintenance requirements


Max Width:

  • 24” wide (610mm)


  • None