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Potato Harvester at Seasonal harvesting of potatoes from field.

Canadian Potato Storage Holdings Report for June 2023

June 15, 2023
As of June 1, 2023, total Canadian Potato Storage Holdings are reported to be down 3.3% over 2022 numbers for the same period, and higher than the 3-yr. average.
Potato Storage Building

Carrot Ventures Launches Cellar Insights Inc. Remote Monitoring and Intelligence Platform for Potato Storage Management

June 14, 2023
Carrot Ventures is announced the launch of Cellar Insights. It is the second company emerging from Carrot's AgTech company formation model.
One display for both cooling and storage control, integrated into the Croptimiz-r® storage system

Mooij Agro presents its Smart Cooling Manager for potato storage

April 04, 2023
Meet Mooij Agro’s Smart Cooling Manager for the cold storage of potatoes, onions and other crops. This smart system communicates between cooling cells and units, and automatically controls the temperature for each unit.
Wim Roose

Belgian potato company gets new cooling, freezing system

April 03, 2023
In Belgium, Industriële Koeltechniek Roose (IKR) recently installed a new cooling and freezing system at potato specialist De Aardappelhoeve.
Beeld: ©Chart by Netherlands Embassy

Indo-Dutch Companies Offer Solutions to Help Indian Farmers Struggling with Low Potato and Onion Prices

April 02, 2023
(Indo-)Dutch companies providing solutions from planting material to processing equipment believe there are ways to establish more sustainable value chains, with the help of their technologies.
Asociafruit potato products

Bumper Crop in India Brings Down Potato Prices, Causes Storage Nightmare, and Leaves Farmers in Distress

March 21, 2023
India which is the second-largest producer of potatoes in the world has witnessed a bumper crop in the November–February harvest. And, the farmers are not quite happy with this as the oversupply has brought down the prices, making farmers incur losses.
Potato Fields in India

North Gujarat: Land of Potatoes for Processing

February 07, 2023
Planting of potatoes for processing in North Gujarat was completed by November 2022. Harvest is to begin around February 20, 2023, and production is expected to be 1.9M tons.
Exterior - Mario Tenuta and students

University of Manitoba potato storage facilities get an upgrade as governments invest

January 29, 2023
The governments of Canada and Manitoba are investing CAD 98,970 (USD 74,193) through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to upgrade the University of Manitoba's Horticulture Storage Facility so it can conduct innovative potato research
Fresh potatoes

How many potatoes are in storage in Canada (Total Holdings January 11 2023) ?

January 19, 2023
Total Canadian Potato Storage Holdings on January 11, 2023 are down slightly (-0.4%) over 2022 numbers for the same period, but are still 5.84% above the 3-yr. average, mostly due to the increased size of the crop in the last two years.
Allround Potato recieving & distribution for peeling and french fries line

Allround will demonstrate it's Destoner and Storage hopper at World Mithai Namkeen Convention, Chandigarh, India

December 12, 2022
Allround (India) Vegetable Processing Machines Pvt. Ltd., is a Dutch-Indian engineering company will showcase their products on at World Mithai Namkeen Convention on 19-21 December in Chandigarh, India.


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