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glassy potatoes / secondary growth

glassy potatoes / secondary growth

Potato Production North-western-Europe up 13.5 percent compared to last year
For the current European potato harvest, the North-western-European Potato Growers (NEPG) estimate the total potato production at 27.9 million tons for the five NEPG countries (Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Great Britain). This is up 13.5 percent compared to last season.
Monday, September 18, 2017
Aardappelproduktie Noord-west Europa 13.5 procent hoger dan vorig jaar
Op basis van proefrooiingen en praktijkresultaten verwacht de NEPG een totale oogst van 27,9 miljoen ton aan consumptieaardappelen in Noord-west Europa. Dat is 13,5% hoger dan vorig jaar.
Sunday, September 17, 2017
Making a potato variety heat tolerant could be as simple as switching a single gene
Scientists have identified a version of a single gene involved in the heat stress response that is more active in potato types that can tolerate high temperature, potentially providing potato breeders a tool to make potato varieties less vulnerable to increased temperature.
Lower Yield and Quality will determine potato market in the Netherlands, says farmer association
The Dutch Association of Arable Farmers of (VTA) finds an average yield of 53.622 kg/ha, 8% below last year and on par with the 5-year average. Although tubers are large this season, the VTA predicts low factory yields as a result of a host of quality issues, resulting in an increased demand for potatoes per ton finished product.
North-western European Potato Growers expect cropsize to be below 5-year average
The North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG) expect the total potato production (excluding seed and starch potatoes) of this year' s harvest to amount to 24.5 million tonnes. This is 14.1 percent below the potato production last year and 2.9 percent below the 5-year average.
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Dutch Potato Crop Yield below average according to VTA sampling
In the annual VTA sampling of the development of the Dutch potato crop development, mid August a yield was found 16% lower than last year and 7.1 below the 5 year average.
Key Technology Introduces CIT Hyperspectral Imaging Module for ADR 5 to remove “Sugar Ends”
Key Technology introduces hyperspectral imaging on its popular ADR® 5 automatic defect removal system for potato strips to detect and remove sugar ends.
Mike Thornton, Ph.D. Professor Parma Research and Extension Center University of Idaho
Whether you call them glassy ends, translucent ends, dark ends, jelly ends, or something even less flattering, sugar ends are a significant issue.