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Researchers from Aarhus University are comparing greenhouse gas emissions from a conventional potato crop rotation on drained peat soil with the cultivation of reed canary grass for biomass production on undrained or poorly drained peat soil.

Peat soils in Denmark: Stop drainage and cultivate reed grass instead of potatoes, says agricultural emissions study

July 12, 2023
Drained peat soils in Denmark account for about one-third of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.
Newtec Celox-P-UHD for Potato Sorting.

Newtec Celox-P-UHD sorter helps out potato supplier Storøhage Kartofler

August 22, 2022
One happy, long-term Newtec customer is Peter Anker Nielsen, CEO and owner of Storøhage Kartofler, a potato supplier that grows high-quality potatoes from the extraordinarily nutrient-rich agricultural area
Newtec Optical sorters, here applied for potatoes to be packed for retail

Newtec’s Optical Sorting Solution ideal for packers of table potatoes

July 18, 2022
Newtec’s weighing, sorting and packing solutions offer reliability and efficiency of production for customers in the food industry, such as potato packers.
The genetic diversity of the 2018 Phytophthora infestans population visualised with poppr 2.0 (minimum spanning network) (Courtesy: Jens Gronbech Hasen / EuroBlight)

Potato Blight Trends in Europe: EuroBlight 2018 Results

May 07, 2019
EuroBlight is continuously examining the ongoing evolution of the European population of the potato late blight pathogen and now reports on the 2018 results. Approximately 1000 samples were genotyped from 22 countries.
Imports from Spain of at least 10.000 mini-tubers of 3 potato varieties protected by Danish national Plant Breeders’ Rights were found to have been imported illegally by Myco Seed A/S and subsequently used for commercial production and propagation in De

Danish potato trader found guilty in illegal import of minitubers

February 26, 2019
Breeders Trust, the organization that defends the Plant Breeders’ Rights of 10 leading European potato breeders, won a lawsuit earlier this month against the Danish potato export and trading company Myco Seed A/S located in Give (Denmark).
Danespo director Jens Holstborg speaking during the inauguration of the company`s new potato center in Give, Denmark.

Potato breeder Danespo inaugurates its new Potato Center in Denmark

January 29, 2019
On Tuesday 22 January 2019, exactly a year after the construction of the new potato center officially started, Danish potato breeder Danespo inaugurated its new head office and breeding station
Mapping of the Phytophthora infestans genotypes found accross Europe in the EuroBlight sampling during 2017. In the article a link is provided to an interactive version of this map. (Courtesy: Euroblight)

Potato Blight Trends in Europe: EuroBlight 2017 Results

April 14, 2018
The EuroBlight project is examining the ongoing evolution of the potato late blight pathogen (Phytophthora infestans). In 2017, almost 1500 samples from 16 countries in Europe were genotyped. The results indicate that new clones continue to spread.
Drones will fly over fields with their tanks filled with ladybirds, predatory mites or parasitic wasps and spread the insects precisely where pests are ravaging the crops.

Research: Drones as delivery vehicle for biological control agents

June 15, 2016
The University of Southern Denmark is developing an ecodrone that will combat pests in completely new ways.
Danespo is the leading company in Northern Europe in the field of breeding, producing and selling quality ware and seed potatoes. Danespo exports to more than 40 countries worldwide and specialises in sales to professional potato growers. 80% of the seed

Germicopa parent Florimond Desprez acquires 49% stake in Danespo

February 04, 2016
The owner of Germicopa, Florimond Desprez has acquired 49% of the shares in Danespo from DLG, thus entering into an equal partnership with DLF who owns another 49% of the shares. The remaining 2% are owned by growers and employees.
Danespo's potato variety Folva, the variety that was at the center of this dispute.

Vandel Potatoes I/S wins appeal infringement case against Knud Kristensen ApS

December 10, 2015
Breeders Trust' shareholder Danespo (Denmark), in Appeal has achieved a major victory in a lengthy lawsuit against the Danish potato trader Knud Kristensen ApS


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