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Ramban’s high altitude areas to emerge as major potato seed producers

Ramban’s high altitude areas to emerge as major potato seed producers

December 01, 2023
High-altitude areas of district Ramban like Gool, Mahu Mangit and Sanasar could become major potato seed producer areas and make the local farmers self-sufficient.
HCİP210 potato variety

HZPC and CIP develop an early-maturing potato variety suitable for Vietnam: HCIP210

November 27, 2023
Vietnam has just welcomed a new potato variety HCIP210 developed through a public-private partnership.
Agri dept sets 2030 target to become self-reliant in potato seed production

International Potato Center (CIP) supports West Bengal in becoming self-reliant in seed potato production by 2030

October 02, 2023
The state Agriculture department of West Bengal (India) recently set a target of attaining self-sufficiency in the production of seed potato by 2030. CIP is supporting the effort with their technology
During the opening of The First Exhibition of Local Production in Dohuk, Iraq

Potato Chip manufacturer BEPPCO participated in the First Exhibition of Local Production in Dohuk, Iraq

September 17, 2023
BEPPCO proudly presented their potato varieties and potato chips at the First Exhibition of Local Production in Dohuk Governorate's Aqra District. The event started on the evening of Sunday, September 3, 2023, under the supervision of Mr. Ali Tatar, the Governor of Dohuk.
Delhi HC dismisses PepsiCo appeal against order revoking potato variety registration

Delhi High Court dismisses appeal by Pepsico against order revoking potato variety registration

July 08, 2023
The potato variety FL-2027 (commercial name FC-5) used for the production of potato chips was registered by PepsiCo India Holdings in India and the registration was granted in February 2016 under the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001, but the registration was revoked in 2021.
Representatives of Beirut Erbil Company, Shorouk Al Nahar Company and Nahar Al Awrad Company with a group of attendees

BEPPCO participates in potato field day organized by its parent company Nahar Al Awrad Group

June 04, 2023
Nahar Al Awrad Group, along with its subsidiaries Nahar Al Awrad, Shorouq Al Nahar, and Beirut Erbil Company, recently organized a potato field day.
Potato Days Türkiye new venue in 2023!

Potato Days Türkiye moves to a new venue in 2023!

May 18, 2023
On August 25, 2023 the third edition of DLG’s 'Potato Days Türkiye', the only trade fair in Turkey dedicated to potato cultivation, will take place in Cappadocia, Nevsehir.
P.E.I. potato farmers were forced to destroy much of their crop following a ban on exports to the United States last year after potato wart was found in two fields. (Courtesy: Kirk Pennell/CBC)

Georgia imported more seed potatoes

May 04, 2023
EastFruit reviewed trade data of Georgia (country) for seed potatoes. In Georgia many farmers have switched to onions for the new season as in the last season the onions from the June harvest were more profitable than the potatoes from the same period.
A quality mark for potato seeds in India

A quality mark for seed potatoes in India

May 01, 2023
After extensive deliberations with different stakeholders including government officials, Haryana State Seed Certification Agency (HSSCA), and seed producers, the Government of Haryana with support from the CIP team launched the Har Aloo potato seed quality certification system.
Kevin MacIsaac says usually one area or two areas of Prince Edward Island have good potato crops, but this year, things are looking good across the Island. (Courtesy: Cody MacKay/CBC)

Indian government approves trials of GM Disease Resistant Potatoes & Fortified Bananas

April 02, 2023
After mustard, India will undertake trials of two other genetically modified (GM) food crops, bananas and potatoes, perhaps ushering in a new era of biotech-enhanced farming.


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