Llega al mercado la patata Beltza, obtenida por Neiker
January 15, 2021
It is a variety registered by Neiker to help the agricultural sector with innovative products to diversify and adapt to the demands of consumers.
Red potato pulp: an innovative ingredient for gluten-free bread
January 11, 2021
Starch-based gluten-free bread (formulations containing a mixture of corn and potato starch with hydrocolloids) are deficient in nutrients and do not contain health promoting compounds.
Goodbye to potato late blight
January 10, 2021
Bangladesh is importing two blight resistant (GM) potato lines developed at Michigan State University for a field trial. Success will save 20% yield loss and Tk100C in fungicide cost.
Idaho Potato Conference goes virtual this year
January 10, 2021
Given the unusual times of a global pandemic, the Idaho Potato Conference shifted from the annual in-person conference held in Pocatello to three days of virtual presentations.
Brexit: Scottish minister pledges to fight for seed potato exporters
January 04, 2021
The Scottish Government has said the seed potato industry is facing disaster through the Brexit deal. Exports of seed potatoes - a vital Scottish export - will not be part of a trade deal between the UK and EU
HZPC: From Seed potato to Seed: Optimizing the germination of TPS
January 04, 2021
This year HZPC expects to own the first prototype of a hybrid potato variety. These potatoes will be sown instead of planted, and that offers a perspective for the food security of areas that are hard to reach.
Agrico seed potatoes head to Bangladesh
January 03, 2021
How do Agrico seed potatoes find their way to Bangladesh? The journey starts with the sale of the seed potatoes.
A Crop Pandemic Would Be as Devastating for Biodiversity and Food Security as COVID-19
December 29, 2020
Biodiversity loss threatens national security. We need to invest in technologies to preserve our vital food varieties.
Smart Big Bags for seed potatoes keep track of temperature during transport
December 29, 2020
With the pilot, 'smart big bags' HZPC uses the internet of things to share knowledge and get a better grip on the delivery process of seed potatoes.
Aeroponics at Rustikas.oy for the production of minitubers
December 21, 2020
The National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) in Uruguay recently signed an agreement with the local company Rustikas to work together on the selection, evaluation, validation and production of seeds of new potato varieties.


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