Mesh cover highly effective at keeping pests off potatoes, Lincoln University researchers find
March 15, 2017
In New Zealand, a team of Lincoln University researchers is impressed with the results from a trial of a mesh cover that is used to protect potato crops from insect pests.
Discovery of Potato Psyllids in Western Australia a serious blow to the industry
February 14, 2017
Potato producers in south-west Western Australia say the detection of the potato psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli) is a "serious blow" to their industry. The detection of the psyllid may put national and international exports in jeopardy.
Potatoes New Zealand joins government biosecurity initiative
December 12, 2016
Potatoes New Zealand became the 14th partner organisation to join the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response.
Potato Psyllid Alert for North Dakota
August 11, 2016
Potato psyllids have been reported in specific fields in western and central North Dakota. At this point populations are not widespread.
Harvest, psyllids & new varieties the hot topics at Texas potato field day
August 01, 2016
Participants at the 25th annual Texas Potato Breeding and Variety Development Program field day learned that the harvest is underway, that psyllids are threatening unharvested fields and that new varieties are showing lots of promise.
Biological control of Potato Psyllids by Parasitic Wasp approved by New Zealand Authority
June 20, 2016
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of New Zealand has approved a type of parasitic wasp as a biological control agent to combat the tomato potato psyllid (a plant louse), which attacks tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums and tamarillos in the country.
Growing Insecticide Resistance of Potato Psyllids investigated at AgriLife Research
April 25, 2016
Entomologist Ada Szczepaniec at Texas A&M AgriLife Research is addressing the concern of growing resistance of potato psyllids to the neonicotinoid classification of insecticides.
Research to guard natural potato psyllid pathways into Australia
March 01, 2016
Australian Researchers are working closely with the country's potato industry to investigate the potential for the highly destructive Tomato-potato psyllid (TPP) to enter Australia using natural pathways.
Papa industrial estadounidense volvería a entrar a Costa Rica
February 02, 2016
El Ministerio de Agricultura anunció que la importación de papa para industria procedente de los Estados Unidos se podría reabrir proximamente debido a la aplicación de protocolos fitosanitarios para minimizar el riesgo de introducción de la plaga “Zebra chip”.
Costa Rica Announces Intention to Reopen Chipping Potato Market to US Chip Stock
January 26, 2016
Costa Rica's Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado (SFE) has informed USDA's Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) that it will begin issuing import permits for US chipping potatoes beginning February 1, 2016.