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    hyperspectral imaging key technology
    Key Technology unveils its new Product Definer, a state-of-the-art instrument, located in its customer visitor center. This proprietary hyperspectral imaging spectrometer helps Key quickly analyze and evaluate new applications and technologies to develop new sorting systems that solve outstanding product quality problems.

    The Product Definer speeds Key’s ability to tailor the ideal intelligent sorting system for the specific characteristics of each product, to optimize sort performance and maximize every customer’s return on investment.

    “Key is a technology company driven to continuously improve customers’ operations by advancing the capabilities of sorters to deliver more value. Investing in the most sophisticated Product Definer available allows us to do the most thorough rapid prototyping – knowledge that we use to define the ideal combination of cameras and lasers for each customer, and develop the next-generation of sorters,” said Marco Azzaretti, Optical Product Manager at Key Technology.

    Key Technology Innovation and Solutions Center

    “With new sensor technology and greater software-driven intelligence, we’re changing the landscape of traditional optical sorting and ushering in a new era of digital sorting. The Product Definer is a tool that helps accelerate this transformation.”

    As the latest and most advanced technology of its kind, this Product Definer allows Key to develop a uniquely detailed understanding of the physical and physiological characteristics of customers’ products, defects, and foreign material. Unlike the single point spectrometers traditionally used,

    Key’s Product Definer gathers data from thousands of wavelengths simultaneously, capturing images from the visible range and far beyond. In addition to hyperspectral imaging data, this advanced Product Definer collects data about objects’ fluorescence.

    The images are saved, creating a spectral library of objects’ unique signatures and fingerprints.

    Collecting this data expands Key’s knowledge base and fuels the development of new sorting solutions that satisfy unmet needs, including difficult or previously impossible sorting challenges.

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    Hyperspectral image of sugar end potato strips, as captured by Key Technology’s Product Definer, aids in designing new sorting systems that solve outstanding product quality problems

    Source: Key Technology