PCA Kruishoutem
    Based on a survey among 123 of its members, the Belgian organisation PCA expects an 8% increase in the potato acreage in Flanders for the main crop, as well as an increase in the acreage of early potatoes of 7.5%.

    Potato farmers were expressing their plans, so not all planned acreage may be realized.

    Early potato varieties

    The acreage of early potatoes is estimated to increase by 7.5%. The main variety in this segment of the market is Premiere with a share of 44%


    The total acreage of main crop potatoes is estimated to increase by as much as 8% according to the survey. The increase in the acreage of the variety Bintje is only modest, estimated at 1.2%


    A 14% increase in the acreage of the potato variety Fontane is predicted.

    Potato varieties for chips processing

    The most important potato variety grown for chips processing in Flanders is VR808. The remainder is Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta. A limited amount of growers in the survey were growing potatoes for chips processing.

    Table Potatoes

    This is a fairly limited segment of the potato market in Flanders. the varieties Cilena and Annabelle were most frequently mentioned in the survey.


    All mentioned figures apply to Flanders, the Northern part of Belgium. However, for the southern part of Belgium, Wallonia, initial estimates also point to an increase of acreage, although more modest at 1.6%