McDonalds Japan to only sell small fries
At McDonald's in Japan, starting December 17, portions of Macfries will only be available in one size: small. Sale of the Medium and Large portions french fries will be halted for an indefinite period of time, according to Japanese news sources.

The price of menus that are normally offered with a Medium portion of fries has been lowered by 50 yen.

The french fry shortage in Japan is the result of a labor dispute in the West Coast Ports of the United States, where McDonald's french fries destined for Japan are produced. This labor dispute started started back in May and no end is in sight, although parties are negotiating. Shipping volumes from these ports are around 55% of normal.

Typical volume of fries exported from these ports is in the order of 10.000 tons per month.

There is no manufacturing capacity for french fries in Japan itself.