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    Super Bowl becomes a Potato matter of importance

    Food banks in Washington state and Colorado are about to receive an influx of potatoes.

    However, who will get what and in what amount will all depend on the result of Sunday’s Super Bowl. The Washington State Potato Commission (WSPC) and the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) have made a friendly wager on the outcome of the matchup between the Seahawks and Broncos.

    For every point scored in the Sunday’s game, 500 pounds of potatoes will be donated to a food bank in the city of the winning team, by the organization from the state that is home to the losing squad.

    “We can’t wait to have the Seahawks win 47-3 and see 25,000 pounds of Colorado potatoes make their way up to a food bank in Seattle,” WSPC Executive Director Chris Voigt said in a statement. “But if by some miracle, or special treatment by the refs, Denver is able to pull out the victory then we will donate to one of their food banks.”

    “It is pretty straight forward, the Broncos will win and Washington state will be donating potatoes to a food bank in Denver,” said Jim Ehrlich, CPAC’s Executive Director. “Although it is not really fair since Colorado potatoes are better tasting.”

    Each group has agreed to add another wrinkle to the bet. The Executive Director or a grower representative from the state with the losing team will have to make a trip to the winning team’s city. While in that city they will need to wear a potato costume sporting the winning team’s jersey and conduct a promotion of the winning state’s potatoes. Both organizations have been sharing and posting banter filled content and videos on each organization’s Facebook page throughout the week ( Colorado Washington Keep an eye on it yourself! Could become interesting... ).

    “I’m not as concerned as much with the possibility of having to wear the costume as I am of Colorado having grown enough potatoes to cover the bet when the Seahawks run up the score on the Broncos,” said Voigt. “Washington state is home to the most productive potato fields in the world and last year our growers produced over 9.5 billion pounds of potatoes. So we have nothing to fear since we have the superior team and superior potatoes.”

    The organization from the winning state will select the food bank to award the potatoes to. The delivery will be made in the upcoming weeks following Sunday’s big game.

    “In reality a food bank in one of the cities will be the true winner on Sunday,” said Erlich. “We are just hoping for a high score either way.”

    “The need for food assistance throughout our country is real and potatoes are one of the best sources of a nutritious whole food that can help those in need,” added Voigt.