American Lorain Announces French Fries Sales Exceed 20 million RMB

American Lorain Announces French Fries Sales Exceed 20 million RMB
October 29, 2015

American Lorain Corporation (NYSE MKT: ALN) ("American Lorain" or the "Company"), an international processed snack foods, convenience foods, and frozen foods company based in Shandong Province, China, today announces that after years of hard working on potato products, its French fries sales have contributed over 20 million RMB (about 3.1 million USD, 2.9 million EUR) to the revenues so far in 2015.

The Company has been acting as the sales agent of Belgium LUTOSA branded French Fries in China for years and has gained a great reputation from Chinese consumers. The management of the Company has considered different consumer preferences and the complexity of the market environment in China and decided to enrich and adjust the whole structure of our potato products.

In 2015, the Company imported a variety of Belgium potatoes as raw materials, processed and branded them as new Lorain brand French Fries (Golden).

In addition, the Company developed a variety of homemade style and Lorain branded French Fries with lower price. For this product line, the Company procures the raw materials and processes the French Fries domestically in China. The diversified product categories satisfy the needs from different consumers.

Mr. Si Chen, Chairman and CEO of American Lorain:

"Our French Fries product is one of the most popular fast foods not only in the U.S. but also in China. American Lorain started layout on western-style potato products in China several years ago. Now, we have 7 factories, more than 40 offices and several thousands of sales agents across the country working on the French Fries business. We continuously enrich the varieties of our potato products."

"Since the new Lorain brand French Fries (Golden) came into the market, we have received great feedback from our sales agents. In August, we imported 10 containers of raw materials and sales of our potato products reached 200 tons. We will accelerate our pace of adding more varieties of French Fries."

"We believe that the improvement of our French Fries sales will eventually expand the American Lorain brand influence and increase our market share in the future."