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Marquart Bros New York Chips fried in avocado oil a 'runaway success' at Wegmans

Marquart Bros New York Chips fried in avocado oil a "runaway success" at Wegmans

New York Chips are made from 100% New York Potatoes and cooked in avocado oil

April 12, 2016
There are just three ingredients in a recently introduced Potato Chip made by a New York farmer:

Potatoes, sea salt and oil.
Avocado oil, that is...

It's the oil that separates Marquart Bros. New York Chips from the countless other bags and brands currently on shelves.

Adam Marquart, a 39-year-old who graduated from Niagara University with a linguistics degree who is now running the family farm:

"This will taste like a french fry when you eat it."

"For some reason, whenever anybody eats the chips, I always hear how they have a potatoey taste and that the avocado oil for some reason has brought out that deeper potato taste."
The chips landed exclusively in stores of Wegmans Food Markets earlier this year. It’s one of the few products in the grocer's snacks and chips isle that comes directly from a New York farmer.

Jim Gaylord, category merchant of chips, snacks, cookies and crackers for Wegmans:

"I think about our stores across our entire chain and a made in New York chip is not as meaningful to a customer who lives in Virginia."

"I wanted something we could offer to our entire chain; that’s kind of where the avocado oil came into play."
Gaylord said sales of the chips have been strong, with the grocer already calling on the farm for more orders, although Wegmans and Marquart declined to discuss specific sales and volume figures for New York Chips.


"The thing has turned out to be a runaway success."

"It is just a very clean-tasting product. ... That is the biggest benefit from the avocado oil. The clean flavors come through and you are getting a great-tasting potato chip and nothing more."
Companies in this Article
Marquart Farms is a diversified family farm in western New York, now in its third generation. In 2016, Marquart Bros Farming LLC launched their own potato chip brand, New York Chips.