C. Meijer's Jazzy baby potatoes see strong growth

Salad of Jazzy potatoes, mix of peppers and smoked trout with tzatziki of Japanese Radish and Pommes Gaufrette
(Courtesy: Sous Fresh Chefs inspiration. See Recipe)

The Jazzy baby potato from C. Meijer does not need to be peeled. This variety, introduced seven years ago by the Dutch breeder, just needs to be washed.

Jazzy baby potatoes can also be served after only ten minutes of cooking. This ease of use fulfills a need and production of the Jazzy has increased enormously over the last few years.

Erik Oggel, sales manager:

“Volume doubles every year and we are in the fortunate position that there is always more demand that we can supply.”

“So we don't know what this variety's maximum volume is yet.”
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Introduction of the Jazzy Baby Potato

Alternative for pasta and rice

Erik Oggel:

“Its uses are very diverse. When you dine out, you will, nine times out of ten, be served unpeeled baby potatoes.”

“They are more than likely Jazzy potatoes. In Belgium, a lot of bulk packaged Jazzy potatoes are sold to caterers. They are also sold in kilo, or bulk microwave bags. If you let the Jazzy mature, is is sold in standard bags at the supermarket as potatoes suitable for boiling.”

“So, with the Jazzy, you can prepare a tasty meal for everyone and it is a great alternative for pasta and rice.”

“The Jazzy is popular throughout the whole production process. Farmers get a good harvest per hectare, because despite small tubers, there are 25-30 spuds per per plant.”

“In addition, the Jazzy is easy to handle during packaging and logistics because they do not discolour and go blue and last for a long time.”

Erik Oggel, Sales Manager at C. Meijer.

Sustained quality

Erik Oggel:

“Besides its ease of use, the Jazzy is a nice tasting potato. We present it, for example, cold, topped with herbs.”

“The Jazzy is of a constant quality, nicely uniform and delivers a reliable yield, which makes us successful in the dining sector.”

“The advantage is that clients can offer Jazzy-potatoes year-round.”

“They are now available from Israel, Morocco and Spain. Supermarkets generally determine the demand, so we introduced the www.jazzy.eu.com website, to help retailers.”

“We have received positive feedback and some nice initiatives have been created.”

“At shows, we have shared out kilo-bags of French Jazzy-potatoes in their thousands and we are expecting many people to return next year.”

Jazzy potatoes (Courtesy: AHDB Potatoes)