Kiremko introduces the Fair Future concept

Kiremko introduces its Fair Future concept.

Equipment manufacturer Kiremko introduces its Fair Future concept. Every day we challenge ourselves to improve potato processing. That means we not only work on new machines and production lines but also on our customers’ success.

The name Fair Future says it already; working on a sustainable future. By working consciously and sensibly, we save the environment. That's good for people, planet and potato...

Paul Oosterlaken, director of Kiremko:

“More and more customers ask us to develop and produce lines that take the environment into account.”

“The way we do that is also becoming increasingly important. Consciously doing business benefits our products and the production of our customers.”

“With the construction of our new building we have further implemented the sustainable way of working and gave this concept a name: “Kiremko Fair Future.”
Dealing consciously with the environment, not doing things because they have to but because it is the right choice. That is the best description for Fair Future. With the construction of the new building this all has been thoroughly considered.

1,268 Solar panels have been installed, good for the environment and also a good investment. The heat of machines is reused, office lights are dimed when light is not needed and air is heated with recovered residual heat.

The power behind the production lines for the potato processing industry that Kiremko installs worldwide is the people that develop and build them. The well-being of employees is of crucial importance to the success of Kiremko. Extra attention has been paid to the working environment so employees can operate without limitations. Also the personal development of colleagues is part of our mission and ensures that we secure the future.

In the potato processing industry a lot of water and energy is required. Reduction of the use of water and energy, emission reduction and water recovery contribute to reduced production costs of our customers.

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Kiremko Fair Future Brochure

Fair Future is not just about the environmental aspect. Those who act with the future in mind automatically think of the youth.

Therefore, in the eyes of Kiremko, it is only fair to help them build their future. We sponsor local initiatives, charities, but also many initiatives where the youth is at the forefront.

In addition, we introduce large groups of young people to technology to show them the possibilities and help them making decisions regarding their education. That is good for their future, but also for the future of Kiremko.

The next generation are the colleagues of tomorrow. Talking about a Fair Future….