Kiremko launches its new Guard family of control systems for your potato processing line

Potato Processing Equipment Specialist Kiremko launches its new Guard Family: a series of advanced sensor systems that support, control and guard your potato processing line.

Potato Processing Equipment Specialist Kiremko launches its new Guard Family: a series of advanced sensor systems that support, control and guard your potato processing line.

February 12, 2018

Potato Processing Equipment Specialist Kiremko launches its new Guard Family. A series of advanced systems that support, control and guard your potato process in an innovative way.

Every Guard has its own unique role within your potato processing line and provides valuable data that helps to maintain a stable process and efficient processing line.

Data coming from the Kiremko Guards can be used to control other systems directly or indirectly, making sure the end product always has the best shape, flavour, texture and colour.


(Click to enlarge) Kiremko PeelGuard®

Kiremko PeelGuard®

The newest system for quality control for your steam peeler is the PeelGuard®.

This system collects data of the peeled potatoes such as length, black and green spots, remaining peel, processed amount, depth of the removed peel and peel losses.

Besides being a smart sensor for efficiency and quality control, the PeelGuard® also provides up-to-date information about the quality of the raw materials used.

Additionally, the PeelGuard® can continuously optimize the settings of your steam peeler with data from the control process. The PeelGuard® thus ensures a constant, optimal peeling yield.


(Click to enlarge) Kiremko KnifeGuard®

Kiremko KnifeGuard®

A unique knife identification system for the QuadraFlow hydro cutter is the KnifeGuard®. This system provides valuable process information by monitoring and maintaining the knife blocks and matching alignment tubes.

A so-called RFID tag connected with an antenna is placed inside the hydro cutter to check the correct combination of inlet, knife block and outlet with the selected cutting size.

The KnifeGuard® also keeps track of the operating hours of the knife block and gives more insight into the use of the blades in practice. This way, optimum cutting quality and shape of your French fries is guaranteed.


(Click to enlarge) Kiremko DryGuard®

Kiremko DryGuard®

The DryGuard® is an advanced measuring device that collects and combines variables like weight, water content, volume and temperature and calculates the dry matter content of pre-dried French fries and other potato products.

The DryGuard® provides this valuable data in between the drying and frying process. The weighing belt which is part of this system measures weight of the product flow and provides actual data regarding your line capacity.

The DryGuard® has an advanced radio wave based system to measure the water content of the whole amount of transported product. Smart sensors measure temperature, calculate volume and track the belt speed.

The smart algorithms of the DryGuard® combine all the measured data and calculate the moisture content together with line capacity.

The data collected from the measuring units of the DryGuard® can be used to control your dryer and fryer, improving your frying and drying process.

The DryGuard® is an extraordinary assistant to production staff and lightens the labour in your laboratory.


(Click to enlarge) Kiremko WeighGuard®

Kiremko WeighGuard®

The WeighGuard® is an advanced system for dosing and weighing flavourings and additives.

This system consists of the following combined units: the Loss In Weight system (WeighGuard® LIW) and the Weighing belt (WeighGuard® WB). The Loss In Weight system ensures the extremely accurate dosing of salt, dextrose or other flavourings as additions to your product.

By placing a weighing belt, which controls the dosing units, you are guaranteed an even and uniform dosage - even with a fluctuating line capacity.

The WeighGuard® prevents over- or underdosing meaning that you can get a higher return. The end product is always uniform and consistently flavoured.

These four process protectors are the result of years of research and development and the highlight of innovative technology.

Anuga FoodTec 2018

The Guard family is being introduced in the coming weeks and during the Anuga from 20th - 23rd March in Cologne, Kiremko will show you these systems in a very spectacular interactive way. You can find Kiremko in Hall 10.1 Stand F020 - F028.

New corporate movie and brochure

At the Anuga FoodTec, Kiremko will also show its new corporate movie and introduce a new corporate brochure with an extra feature: you can combine the corporate brochure with an inlay of one of our processing lines so you make your brochure customized.

Fair Future

Kiremko's Fair Future concept is also part of the Anuga stand. In 2017 Kiremko introduced the Fair Future concept; working on a sustainable future. By working consciously and sensibly, we save the environment. That's good for planet, human and potato...