Tasteful Selections bite-sized potatoes help consumers Keep Their Menus Fresh

One of Tasteful Selections Recipes: Warm Farro Salad with Honey Gold Potatoes and Spinach

Tasteful Selections™, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., will launch the second quarter of its yearlong Fresh campaign on April 1.

The campaign provides insights and inspiration revolving around healthy, nutritious recipes and kitchen tips for more confident meal preparation.

Tim Huffcutt, marketing director for RPE, exclusive marketer of category leader Tasteful Selections:

“Bite-size potatoes are a family favorite, transforming everyday meals and delivering great flavor in a small bite.”

“We are partnering with distinguished culinary experts to create versatile, inspirational dishes that satisfy a busy head-of-household’s preference for simpler, convenient meals.”
Tasteful Selections will continue its partnership with Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Cynthia Sass, providing four videos with useful tips to keep your menu fresh.

Twelve new recipes will also be available from recipe developer Annie Wang of Frites and Fries. These delicious and contemporary recipes will be available in a downloadable, sharable e-cookbook at www.tastefulselections.com.

Over the course of the yearlong campaign, more than 50 recipes, videos and blogs will be introduced to help experienced and novice healthy food enthusiasts keep their menus fresh.

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Fresh Campaign Graphics

A value added marketing plan is in place for all customers including custom-created pre-filled shippers, social media graphics and content, recipe cards, blog posts from Cynthia Sass, informative infographics and videos and much more!

Buyers, merchandisers and produce managers will receive more information by contacting an RPE sales representative for details.