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Utz Quality Foods Partners With WeStock™ Shopping Assistant App

Utz® brand packages on the WeStock™ App

Utz Quality Foods, LLC announced today their affiliation with WeStock™, the crowd-stocking application (app) designed to help every day shoppers discover and request new food and beverage products. Crowd-stocking is the process of allowing customers to directly influence purchasing decisions.

WeStock™, creators of the first crowd-stocking application, empowers everyday shoppers to discover new food and beverage products and then request that those products be carried by their local retail store. Generated through demand information from its app, WeStock notifies shoppers when specific products are available and where they may purchase them.

In Utz Quality Foods, WeStock finds its largest brand-partner to date, and now offers over 150+ brands on its platform since launching in February. Utz Quality Foods brings with it a significant increase in size, scope and diversity of well-known snack food brands like Utz®, Golden Flake®, Dirty® Potato Chip, Zapp’s®, Boulder Canyon®, Good Health® and many more.

Cameron McCarthy, CEO and Co-Founder, WeStock:

“We are very excited to have Utz Quality Foods become a major brand-partner with WeStock,”

“Utz Quality Foods and their portfolio of well-known brands brings an opportunity to help put WeStock into many more hands while also generating more locations and placements of Utz brands snack food products.”

Mark Schreiber, EVP & Chief Customer Officer, Utz Quality Foods, LLC.:

“In this rapidly changing, data driven marketplace, we were impressed with WeStock’s ability to help shoppers find more interesting and unique foods,”

“We look forward to helping WeStock expand their user-base while ensuring shoppers can find Utz brands anytime, anyplace.”