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Aviko Potato gaat meer betalen voor lang bewaren

Aviko Potato starts to pay more for long storage

Aviko Potato starts to pay more for long storage. Both the base price for potato varieties in its AAA-segment as well as several of the bonuses for long storage increase.A potato grower who stores his potatoes until July and qualifies for all bonuses receives € 220,- per ton.

The base price for potato varieties in Aviko's AAA-segment (Innovator, Agria en Markies) increases by € 2,50 starting week 45 and ends up at € 157,53 per ton in week 13. Prices for other potato varieties do not change.

Oplopende bewaarstaffel

Due to the abolishment of CIPC, Aviko Potato introduces a set of measures to compensate for the increasing costs of long storage. First of all there is an increasing bonus starting week 9. This can result in an extra bonus payment of up to € 10,- per ton on top of the regular bonus for storage.

Bonus payments for frying colour

Growers who supply potatoes with a similar or better frying colour compared to their individual average in the previous years can anticipate a bonus payment of € 5,- per ton in addition to regular price adjustments for frying colour. Aviko Potato introduces this bonus payment as it anticipates the frying colour may suffer as a result of the introduction of alternative sprout inhibitors to replace CIPC.

Bonus payments for use of storage equipped with mechanical cooling

Finally there is a bonus payment for growers who store their potatoes in bins equipped with mechanical cooling, starting at € 4,- per ton in week 17 increasing by € 0,50 per ton for each week extra. Growers qualifying for all bonuses can cash € 220,- per ton in week 30.

Long Storage Collective

In addition to financial incentives, Aviko Potato establishes a collective of farmers that store their potatoes for a long time. It is intended for farmers who store their potatoes for processing from week 21 to 30. Potato lots entered into this voluntary collective or pool are sampled and evaluated by an independent potato storage expert on a regular basis.

When a potato lot shows signs of deterioration and delivery for processing is required prior to the intended delivery date, delivery dates of potato lots in the collective are adjusted in such a way that optimal quality can be supplied to the factory as long as possible.

This collective is a joint initiative of Aviko Potato and the Aardappel Telers Commissie (ATC).