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C. Meijer BV cambió su marca a Meijer Potato

Meijer Potato's new corporate identity will be visible on all communication materials and locations.

On 17 Augustus 2020, potato breeder, Meijer Potato, has presented its new corporate identity and company story. The company is active in the top of the world potato breeding sector and aims to profile itself in a transparent, open and inspiring manner.

Erika den Daas, Managing Director at Meijer Potato:

“We have a great passion for potatoes and we are very well known in our market.”

“We are taking this step because we now wish to be visible outside this market too. We are proud of our story and hope to bring this across in an inspiring way.”

Meijer Potato was founded in 1920 by Kees (Cornelis) Meijer Senior, under the name, C. Meijer BV. The renewal of its identity means that it will be known as Meijer Potato in future. The new name does justice to the company’s international orientation. Almost 90% of the company’s turnover is generated outside the Netherlands.

Apart from the name change, Meijer Potato has also defined its vision, mission and core values. These are reflected on its website, in its company brochures, and in offices and fairs.

Everyone deserves to enjoy food

When Kees Meijer Sr started the company in 1920, it was clear that his most important motivation was to improve the life of his family and his own. He managed to achieve this by working with others, people who were each given the chance to contribute the best of themselves towards the company.

Erika den Daas:

“Our company story has never changed, yet it was never documented. After 100 years, the time had come to record it, because we wish to continue telling it for many years to come.”

“Stories are important, and we are incredibly proud of our company, our products and our people. Meijer’s story deserves to be told.”

The company mission, 'Everyone deserves to enjoy food', reflects Meijer Potato's ambition. The company hopes to contribute by getting more people to enjoy food.

Eating is an important source of pleasure, and the potato is one of the most savoured foods; as a primary food and as a comfort food.

meijer Potato develops new varieties through breeding that perform well in different conditions. In this way, the company brings potatoes to places where it was difficult to do so before now.

The Meijer Potato culture finds its origin in its founder, Kees Meijer himself, and is best described through its 5 core values: trust, awareness, innovation, focus and enjoyment.

Exactly what these values mean to Meijer Potato can be read on the core values page.

The new company name, renewed logo, company story and the website have been developed by Meijer Potato in cooperation with Marleen de Hoog and Lianne van der Kruk of Allura Vision Growers. The website and design have been developed together with Trend marketing & communication.